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About 2 weeks I starting getting a very bad pinching feeling in my chest and I couldn't breath to well. I went to the ER and they said I was having PVC'S. Is there anything that cause PVC to just start? I'm scared cause it hurts and they have not told me why I am having them or if they will hurt me. Just tell me they are usually normal unless they hurt. Well mine do. Really bad. Any advice? I stopped drinking caffeine and am trying to eat healthier but they still hurt everyday and my mental status gets affected by it.

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This is really sad . Yes ectopic beats are normal but hurting? not really. I think you need to discuss with your doctor as pain is not a good sign. Did they do any proper tests like a echocardiogram to check the condition of your heart or any blood tests? Do be assured that these are not dangerous-- more inconvenient but if it is affecting your quality of life you need to get something done, or at least a bit more investigation.


Hi, I have my first appointment with the heart Rythem specialist on Feb 5th. But they have done an ultrasound of my heart and also blood test and a cat scan at the ER and said it all looked normal. But it still hurts very bad. I'm only 28 and I'm still really scared cause I have not had this happen before. Do you or anyone else know of anything that helps it?

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