I just phoned the hospital to see if they could tell me where on the list for my second ablation,i was. The secretary told me what i already knew which was that it is a complicated procedure involing getting lots of experts together. It is not routine in that it is not done every week and my ablation would probably be in March or April. My hospital is Cardiff and is not a high volume centre and Wales doesnt allow you choose and book unless it is lifethreatening. I knew all of that and accept it as just "the way it is ". However it did me think how lucky i was to be offered this procedure in the first place. As someone else has said on here, thank goodness we live in this modern world where technology and expertese can come together to improve our quality of life.

I am set to huncker down till March. X

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  • I do so agree with you dedottie. What amazes me the most is that so much can be done - your heart can be examined and treated, a 3D image can be created and they can tell you all sorts of things about it - without (apparently) a great deal of disturbance to it or to you. A small hole in one arm, a couple of little nicks in a vein, a bit of a snooze and within a few hours off you go home feeling amazingly good, all things considered. We are very fortunate. And I hope that good fortune comes your way again very swiftly.

    I rang the ECG lady last week. I am supposed to have a 24 hour monitor before I next see my EP, which should be in 3 months from 5 December. I am not on her system. (No surprise). No worries because I will get an appointment in good time, she says. No, I don't need to do anything. It will all work out OK. I don't think so! But as I am happy as I am, all seems OK and I have no pills to give up, I'm letting things slide for the moment as it won't matter if I don't see my EP for a while.

  • How fantastic that things have gone so well. Long may it continue for you. X

  • Thanks. Yes, I'm fine and feeling very lucky. I can't say how much better we are now than this time two years ago when I was struggling with both AF and Warfarin and my ablation was getting postponed time and time again. My other half wasn't well either. He was taking much nastier pills than mine and was having radiotherapy. Dark days!

  • I live in wales. I was told I needed a 7 day monitor as I may be having AF at night just got my letter this morning for June 27th no rush there then. also rang my GP for an appointment to discuss anticoagulant he has nothing until Feb 29th and is then going on holiday I give up.

  • It is worrying isnt it? Wales is fab but there some things that need to change for sure. Good luck with getting a doctors appointment.x

  • Something is awfully wrong in Wales. I am to see an orthopaedic specialist about my shoulder, damaged by their radiotherapy. The waiting time is 11 months. So much for the Wales Govt in Cardiff.

  • Souljacs4

    I live in London but my GP was messing around even though I had seen an EP who advised anticoagulation.

    Although I had never gone to a&e previously, I went there with the next episode. I left there with a prescription for warfarin and an appointment with the INR clinic - all arranged by the doctor on duty. Maybe worth trying if you are worried.

  • I might just do that.

  • I find it very strange that in most things we are considered be the United Kingdom but when it comes to health care you can't cross the border for treatment.

  • And yet according to the recent Daily Mail article people from Spain and other eu countries are coming here for very expensive treatments - £200,000.00!!!!!

  • Groan!!! If the daily mail are correct, that is dreadful when the welsh cant get treatment in England. Mind you i think it is more that the welsh governing body wont pay for us to have it done elsewhere rather than England wont have us. X

  • Its all very frustrating when you have paid National Insurance and tax for forty plus years. I am tired of hearing about the strain older people are putting on the health service I think we have paid enough in to get a little bit back. Don't get me started on the EU countries I need to watch my blood pressure !!

  • Hallo All

    And I thought I was living in a 3rd world country.

    If you have a private medical aid in South Africa or some kind of government medical aid you are alright, and can see a EP in a matter of a month or 2.

    But if you go through public health care (If you don't have any medical aid) it may take very long to see an EP.

    Very informative reading your comments.

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