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Hope everyone is well! I need some advice if possible for a friend. She is going to New Zealand for 3 months in November. She is 71, has AF and COPD. She is only on an inhaler and blood thinners for these conditions and is fit is every other way. The travel Insurance is crazy money – ranging from £400 to thousands. Can anyone recommend a good and cheap company?

Thanks, Sara x

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  • I use a company called Holidaysafe, my loading was reasonable, and they are very helpful.

    I am 62 no COPD and paid £164.93 for an annual policy Worldwide excluding USA and Caribbean. It could have been cheaper but I opted for the maximum cover available with all bells and whistles.

    Try them and be well


  • Thank you I will have a look for her x

  • That's the trouble when you teach 70, the premiums do escalate . I've paid over £300 for a week on Europe at 69.No good recommending my insurance co.!

    How are you these days anyhow ?


  • Hi Sandra, Yep I am not too bad. The Flec seems to be working although I can feel it trying to break through quite often although I am not sure if that's in my mind but the good news is i have been referred for an ablation and I am over the moon about that. I have been very quiet as every time I say my tablets are working I get a really bad attack so if it starts tonight I am throwing my keyboard out of the window haha!! The meds make me so tired but at least there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

    I hope you are well x x x

  • Nice to hear you're well Booboo. Roy

  • Thank you Roy....I hope things sre treating you good too. Im happy today as I wss convinced that once I commented on here thst things were going well I would go straight into AF..I gave done twice before as soon as I said I was feeling better...yes im crazy I know Haha x x x

  • I use all, they've been very reasonable for me

  • Thank you I shall do more research worries me as she is thinking not to buy it at all and just go..... x x

  • I found the AA was the cheapest for me for a five month trip to Australia and the USA. It was £400, which sounds outrageous, but it was 167 days, well over the usual 31. Very helpful on the phone. They did ask me to register with the Australian health system on arrival, which was very easy. Perhaps NZ has a similar reciprocal agreement with the UK?

  • The ones Ive picked up along the way are, World First a friend who has

    cancer got what he considered to be a good deal from them, All Clear

    Travel, on line. The latter one I have no experience of.

  • All Clear has been good for husband and I. He has about six things to declare from heart attack to claudication and permanent AF I just have repaired hernia and Paroxysmal AF. We can only get individual hols not annual as previously now - we are 71. Do keep a copy of the form that you fill in on line - it's especially handy for next time!!

  • Thanks everyone. ...I hsd a quick look yesterday and the AA seems the best deal for her £390 but need to have another look at Allclear..there didnt seem to be an option for her age and conditions. It worries me as she is thinking not to bother with insurance at all as she says they won't leave her to die if anything I need to find her the cheapest deal possible so she will buy it. Its a chance of a lifetime her son is paying for the flight but she is on a state pension and says she cant afford the insurance!! Thanks for everyones help x x x

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