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Psychological talk Surrey ASG

Dr Cove and Dr Moses, Clinical Psychologists, at the Royal Brompton Hospital have agreed to do a joint talk on 3rd Feb for the Surrey Arrhythmia Support Group at the Post Graduate Medical Centre (2nd floor), Epsom Hospital, starting at 5pm. All are welcome! Anyone attending can send me a question which I will forward on to the speakers in advance

I am NOT, I'm afraid, offering to ask and record answers for those who can't attend as it seems to cause confusion if my reports are nor sufficiently clear and there are dangers in posting inaccurate summaries!!!

Also, next month we have a talk on AF and stroke by a stroke consultant- more details nearer the meeting!

Hoping to see you there


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I just wish i lived closer Rosie your talks are always so relevant. X

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How are you getting on? I hope things are settled now?


Hi. I am fine . After about 6 weeks continually in A.F. interspersed with tachycardia, my heart suddenly went into normal rhythm again. Not sure what that was all about. Still waiting for second ablation but not making a fuss as im not having any problems. Im still on the flecanide which appears to be working again. Are you o.k.? X


yes thank you the extra potassium in food is doing the trick - for now at least!!

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