Another question about ablation number 2

I am readi g that a significant number of people have had G.A. for their second ablation because their E.P. recommended it. Is a second more problematic/painful than the first? This is purely an academic qustion as i think my E.P. only does them under sedation but it is good to be prepared with questions when i next see him. My first was under sedation and was fine. X

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  • As I said in the other thread, my EP only uses GA so that the anaesthetist can look after his patient whilst he works quietly in peace. Works for me! Ever the cynic I think it may also be a cost thing as the extra staff and machinery will put up costs.

  • I think you r right Bob. X

  • As you know, dedeottie, I've had three ablations. All with sedation, no problems.

    However, all three have been relatively short - about an hour and a half. Reading in a parallel thread that some have been for several hours (!!!!) perhaps the length of time anticipated may be a factor. A first ablation may be something of a stab in the dark. My first one certainly was as I had not been diagnosed with AF. So, fix what's obvious and see how it goes afterwards.

    My second was a laser balloon ablation with an on board camera.

    The third was a touch-up job creating a 3D model of the heart to find any gaps to be fixed.

    Have you an idea of the date?

  • Hi and thanks for yoyr answer. Still no date but by end of march it will be six months and then they will have to "do me!" According to the hospital. I havnt made a fuss as amazingly ,my heart has been behaving beautifully.

    My first ablation was 5 hours. This one will be a touch up job so they will have to do some jiggery pokery to find out where the gaps are. Dont know if that is more complicated or not. How are you douing now? X

  • Glad you are doing well right now. You may have a 3D map done- and some very cold sticky patches front and back! Perhaps you'll be called in unexpectedly as I was and it will be done within days.

    I am doing just fine - no problems since the first ten days. I'm about to chase an appointment for a 24 hour ECG to have results available for a 3 month check up. x

  • Hi - I had my first ablation last Tuesday at Southampton under general anaesthetic. I was told some consultants just prefer to work with GA rather than sedation but also I had a TOE at the same time so maybe that was a factor. The whole thing took about 5 hours plus the 2 - 3 hours lying flat afterwards, I think I'd rather go for the GA if offered. I found the lying flat gave me bad back ache so being cushioned by the anaesthetic still in your system was quite nice. The only problem was having to stay overnight in hospital which I hadn't planned for.

    So far so good. I was told that AF may reoccur during the first 6 weeks because it isn't until the scar tissue forms that a barrier is in place. Apparently it is the scar tissue that is resistant to the electric impulse and until that is in place AF can still occur. Lots of fluttering and one 5 minute episode up to now, as I say, so far so good.

    I'm not talking with any authority here, just what I was told!

    Can't believe how immediately you are ok. No pain, no discomfort, just very very tired.

    Good luck with your ablation and go for the GA if you have the choice.

  • Always with GA especially if having a TOE. No risk of moving about

  • Varies from consultant to consultant and importantly from what he is doing to the patient from one ablation to the next. My EP said he prefers sedation because he can get feedback when he is ablating. My complaint about sedation was that I was out for the count for too much of the time and would rather have been seeing it all on the monitors!!!!!

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