What helps AF /Ectopics

I'm a recent AF /ectopic sufferer and this site is so helpful. Can I ask what fellow suffers have found helpful to avoid and to take and what they do when in an attack? I appreciate that everyone is unique. Different ages gender location and causes and medical oversize/ advice.

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  • Hi Elaine - I avoid anything that contains artificial sweeteners or additives. If I eat a piece of cake, then I know that it will make me very aware of my heart speeding up.

    My attacks of AF can vary, but if it's a mild one I try to carry on as normal. If a bad one where I feel dizzy, faint and my pulse goes sky high then I find it difficult to walk from the front of my house to the back and have no choice other than to sit, but I try to distract my mind from what is happening and either sit at my PC or watch t.v. I've recently started talking Flecainide twice daily and this has really helped control my episodes.


  • Oddly enough the only trigger we isolated for me was salmon. Weird or what ? :-)

  • For me I wondered if it it was a terrible cheap tuna jacket potato in a cafe but then thought it couldn't be. I later read someone else's suggestion that mono sodium glutamate did it for them. I now discover that cheap tuna has msg in it. Just a thought. Would salmon have been treated with msg ?

  • My trigger is bloating and/or working with my arms above my head ie anything that makes me breathless probably because I have scoliosis and asthma and my lungs and heart are squashed! I get ectopics when stressed and when changing position from sitting to lying.

  • PS For general information it is a good idea to visit the AF Association website and read all the info there, also to read previous discussions you can use the search facility at the top right of the page here or read the suggested posts listed to the right of your post.

  • My regime is to minimise caffeine, get good sleep & take a daily magnesium tablet.

    Oh, and cross my fingers. Ive been AF free for 2 years following my first AF which was corrected with a cardioversion

    Like you said though, everyone has different experiences with this

    Good luck

  • Thank you, although the AF site is helpful and interesting I feel its good to have the insight of as many people as possible and of course fascinating to see common triggers etc

    V best

  • Thought about this and find it difficult to answer. Since my last cardio version things, fingers crossed, seem to have settled down enough (just ectopic beats) and stopped feeling really anxious and done in. I can sometimes feel the ectopics , but no idea what brings them on , just my system I guess. I try to avoid noisy environments and heavy meals , take light not heavy exercise - nothing to excess, but so far have not felt to the need to cut anything right out.

    I get the flutters and feel a heavy beat most days and if its really noticeable I aim to relax and take deep breaths and if possible a bit of fresh air.

  • Thanks, likewise, I also avoid alcohol now and too much tea. Oddly I also had an afib following tuna....who knows......

  • I have had PAF for 3 years and a couple of years ago started to feel "missed beats". I strayed onto this site breatheeasy.com.au/breathe.... looking for answers and ordered Stewart Gatenby's booklet. I am so glad I did. The exercise is a little awkward at first, and I can't remember how long it took to feel a difference, but it has worked for me. When ectopics start to sneak back I remember that I have neglected my exercise. It was not expensive and it worked for me. I think there are times when you are happy to try anything to feel better. Good luck.

  • Indeed. Try anything !

  • I'd recommend watching the YouTube vlogs of Dr Sanjay Gupta. Search his name or York Cardiology. He is a cardiologist and has made several videos with advice and support for many heart related problems including ectopics. He knows what he's talking about so it's a great source of reassurance

    May the Rhythm be With You 😁😁

  • And also with you !

  • Just watched him Thank you Excellent. Really recommend everyone watches his videos.

  • I try to be cautious about my diet but got into trouble with increased HR near 100 twice,,,,,once after eating a broiled crab cake in a restaurant and a second time indulging in a McDonalds hamburger which I rarely ever do,,,,learned my lessons and try to eat the same things when dining out,,no more adventures with things I am not familiar with! Have been on metropolol and warfarin for the afib a year now

  • We just know, don't we, how alert we need to be snd skdo glad of each AF free day xx

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