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Atrial fribulation


Hi all. I'mean receiving treatment for atrial flutter but wonder if any of you could give me some advice for my mum.

She had a stroke four years ago and has recovered pretty well. Until a few months ago she was stable with her bloods on wafarin with readings of between 2 and 2.2.

She could go every few munths to have it checked but lately her levels keep dropping and the one she had this week was down to 1.7.

Her normal dose is 2.5mg daily and she has to up it 1/2 a mg for a few days and see what the next test shows in two weeks.

I think she thinks she's on a high dose now and that it won't get yonder control yet I've seen people on much higher doses so said not to worry and maybe needs her dose reviewing.

There's nothing really different to her diet from when her levels were stable so is baffled as to what she can do to bring them up again.

Obviously she is at higher risk of having another stroke so worrying about it.

Thank you for any advice.


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Forgot to say AF caused the stroke.


Vixter, firstly your mother's dose is quite low. I have been taking Warfarin for over 13 years ....often took 10 mg daily but at the moment am in 5.5 mg.

At times I have been perplexed at differing INR s when I thought that my diet had remained the same.

Try not to let her worry too much about these fluctuations. Just ensure that she is tested very regularly so that adjustments can be made as necessary.

Best wishes


PS ...have you thought of self testing with a Coaguchek machine?

Vixter1968 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Sandra that's reassuring to hear. I did tell her that her dosage was quite low. When your level and only tested every three months you don't know it's dropping but at the moment she is being checked every two weeks.

I'd never heard of the machine but will definatley look into it.

I'm also in a panic as have to up my bisoprolol from 1.25mg to 2.5mg.

Might wait a bit though as have an awful ear infection at the moment to top things off.

Thanks again Sandra and a Happy new year to you. Hope you keep well x

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