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Happy Christmas and thank you all!

I have been reading this forum for the past few months and I wanted to thank you all because a lot of fear has left me and I have a greater understanding of my condition. It has been great that other people have the same 'feelings' as myself and I don't panic now! (well not as much!!!) I hope everyone has a peaceful and afib free Christmas where possible.

I am due a cv on the 30th and loved reading your life stories about this. It has helped me a lot. Many thanks to all.

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Thank you, this site has also helped me tremendously, good luck for the 30th.

Best wishes CD


I too have found this forum to be a great help. Merry Christmas to all.

Lynn X


Thank you. It is so reassurring to learn that you are not alone with concerns and problems and that someone can understand and help.

Best wishes for Christmas and your CV on the 30th.


MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO and good luck for the 30th.


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