Atrial flutter

So I've been to see my GP today and he had notes back from my consultant. I've got to up my bisoprolol from 1.25mg to 2. 5mg. I'm dreading doing this as only just getting used to the low dose. My heart rate has lowered but up in the morning until I've taken the bios. Heart rate was at 120 bpm at the doctors but that's not unusual as go into a panic everytime I go there. Is anyone on the 2.5mg and how did you feel. Probably panicking again but so new to this.

Thanks Vicky x

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  • Hi Vixter68 - I was put on Bisoprol 2.5 following pacemaker implant in August. Had quite a few PAF episodes and about 6 weeks ago the dose was raised to 5mg each morning. I have felt much better on the higher dose. The only thing I have noticed since is being a bit breathless but I can cope with that. Everyone is different with meds but try not to panic. Try the higher dose and see how you feel. You won't know till you try.

    With best wishes


  • Thank you Carol. Luckily I don't have to start the higher dose till after Christmas. Will give it ago and see how I get on.

    Heading out early to do my Christmas food shop then I'm going to finally have some me time if that's possible haha.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a healthy 2016.

    Vicky x

  • Was on 10mg ,and now on 12.5 hate it !!!good luck with it

  • Hello Vicky .

    I hope the sentences I write help you .

    I have been on 2.5 mg For about three years since Day 1 plus warfarin .

    Recommend healthy diet.

    Stay away from take always and give cakes to the birds !

    Keep cholesterol levels good .

    OK I hate being on them but ...

    Take a look on YouTube for the films about food under the banner ..

    Food matters .

    All the best ..

    Going to meditate now .


  • I'm on 10 mg after lower doses failed to have any effect. Since then I've had successful cardioversion (10,months ago). I'm going to see my doc about cutting it back to 5mg and see how that goes. I feel well on Bisoprolol just get tired easily and legs won't work as well as they used to but that's all. If you don't like taking it then there are alternatives. Good luck. Patricia.

  • I am on 7.5mg at the moment and it works well for me. My only problem is a little breathlessness, but it's a small price to pay as I am in nor at 50-60bpm, following my ablation in October. It seems we all handle it differently so you may well find it works for you. It's all a bit scary, I'm finding meditation is a great tool. There are free downloads of meditation training out there to try.

  • I was the same and was advised to go onto 2.5 bisopriolol but I couldn't tolerate it so my GP put me back to 1.25, A year later the cardiologist said that I really should up my Bis. I explained how it affected me so he suggested that I split it and take 1.25 twice a day. Once in the morning and then at night so that I am asleep while it works.

    This is working fine for me, May be your GP might like to try you on this method. Good luck.


  • I am on 2.5 bisoprolol, probably for life because of fibrosis. Pre- ablation I was on 10. It cuts my heart rate from 80 to 65ish. The EP said it had a slight anti-arrhythmia effect too. I take it at night as I am inclined to wake up with AF at about 05.00.

    It definitely seems to be the drug of choice!

  • Hi Vicky.

    Have you not discussed ablation?

    I am beginning to be a bit puzzled by the amount of posts were ablation is not discussed and that drugs are the only the only treatment. Unless of course your not suitable .

    Drugs don't fix it , ablation does

  • Ablation is only offered on the NHS if you have been on two 'failed drug regimes' (NICE general rule). Apparently it costs about 15000 pounds so it is never going to be offered lightly.

  • No that is not correct if you live in England. You don't have to have any failed drug regimes and in fact can be referred straight away for an ablation.

  • That is interesting, I was going by the latest NICE guidelines! Of course they are not not applicable to everybody.....

  • Look at (I think) Care England. Happy Christmas.

  • Hi I am on 5mg a day with fleck nude and doing the job. Best wishes

  • Hello Vixter1968, I had a DDDR implanted three weeks ago. I could only tolerate 1.25mg Bisoprolol daily... due to SSS: I am now taking 5mg Bisoprolol daily and PIP of 2.5mg (as required).... not to exceed 10mg daily. Early days yet, seems to have settled reasonably well? But I know this SSS has periods of activity and inactivity?

    I do notice ,like many others, I am quite breathless now and a very rapid pulse on any exertion. Feel like I want to sleep at any hour?

  • Hi. I was on 2.5 for a couple of years without much problem . Tiredness being the main one. About 6 months ago the dose was lowered to 1.25 but within 2 months I had 2 trips to a & e in flutter requiring caedioversion. Now back on 2.5 dose without further incident so far ! Hope the replies help .

  • I'm on 7.5 at my consultants request , it's the only thing that brings my heart rate down . It's shot up to 150 after my failed ablation and believe me , I feel better on it than not


  • Thanks for your replies. That's made taking the higher dose better.

    merry Christmas too you all 😊

  • hi

    i was put on 2.5 after my first visit to cardio doc,intially took a while to settle into it,breathless,dreams and tired.Still have some of this, and as I work in high pressure job full time can be hard to live with ( but even harder if i didnt take it i assume!)

    .After a recent holter 24 monitor, I was advised to up to 5mg. I challenged this, as the day of the holter was a truly awful 36 hours,motherin law had 3 falls and ended up in hospital 20 miles away,dad in another one having an operation....unsurprisingly i think the results were unusual. what we decided was that i stay on 2.5 mg and take another 2.5 if any af kicks in.

    might be an answer if you find you cant settle on the higher dose all the time?

    you have a nice xmas too

  • I bet your readings that day were up and down and not suprised. I had mine on Wednesday and had a few incidents at school with over exited children so mine might look a little odd too. I hope your mother in law and dad are on the mend. I'm only on 1.25mg and to up it to 2.5mg after Christmas. I was so tired the first three days but seem to be tolerating it ok now on day ten. Thank you for the advice. Hope it settles things down and I can function ok with it.

    Vicky x

  • You take care now and enjoy Xmas love you know what they say what don't kill us makes stronger have a great time with your fa,ily things a bit better at my end now xxx

  • Thank you and glad things are better. You have a lovely Christmas too xx

  • hi vixter i was on 1.25 of bisoloprol but they doubled my dose ever since ive been taking double im very light headed dont know if this is with the extra

  • That's one of my concerns s I'm already feeling light headed on the lower dose. I'm only on day ten so don't have to up the dose for a couple of weeks. I'm not looking forward to it at all. Hope things settle in the mean time and I can stay on the lower dose. My problem is as soon as I go into the doctors or hospital my heart rate escalates so always reads worse than it should. It's already come down from 100 plus to low seventies.

  • I'm on 10mg (2 X 5mg a day). No probs, no side affects (still got flutter though).

  • I feel quite lucky at the moment , two months post ablation. Everything s perfect.

    My history is A TIA in Feb ,then a few A&E visits .

    I pushed for ablation after doing plenty of research and reading some of the horror stories on this site regarding the effects of some of the drugs.

    It was the TIA which probably convinced them after my many episodes after to ablate.

    The TIA is a temporary attack and I dare say that for many admissions to A&E there would be no symptoms by the time you were assessed.

    What I'm saying is that if I were one of you who is having a really bad time with drugs or symptoms and has not had a TIA before ,then I would ,and some may not agree , turn up to A&E or GP and tell them you've had TIA symptom s. Get it on record and push to be ablated.

    It's a possible cure not a masking of the problem.

    Especially if you are paroxysmal ,as the longer you leave it its shown that it will become permanent .

    I look forward to your views.


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