Calcichew for selftesters

Recently I used my testing machine ( my tablet won't let me type the name ) to test my I.N.R.. and the reading was 5.7. I waited 10 mins and did it again, this time it was 4.1 and 10 mins later it was 4.6. I went to my G.P.s and their machine tested me at 3.7. Clearly a problem.

I rang Roche and they said it was clearly unacceptable and the machine shouldn't be unreliable even though they accept a low element of variation. They said they would send me another free of charge and could I send the other back for investigations. Two days later I received through the post: a new machine anew pot of testing strips and a Lancet holder (I'm sure that's not what it's called but it describe it quite well). I think that's pretty good service don't you? It's not often we get such an immediate response. X

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  • Oh my goodness my tablet keeps changing things! I don't mean calcichew of course. I mean, THAT MACHINE!

  • But did the 2nd machine work? That's what we all want to know :-/ . Mine works fine and agrees with my blood test within a small margin. But only used it a couple of times to be honest.

    PS. I think you can switch the spelling/typing corrector off, can't remember where though!

  • Yes it did! If anyone knows how to switch it off please let me know!

  • From the Home screen, tap Settings.

    Scroll to and tap General.

    Scroll to and tap Keyboard.

    Tap the Auto-Correction switch to the ON or OFF position.

    Tap the Predictive switch to the ON or OFF position.

    Not sure which you want off, possibly Auto-Correction I guess???

  • Thank you. Will give it a go. Watch this space!

  • Yay! i think thats done it Koll. What a relief.

    Thanks x

  • ah ha ... so I'm no longer Kill :-)

  • I wont be anywhere near so amuzing now. X

  • They are normally reliable- one tenth difference between mine and the blood test (venous) in A and E on two occasions.

    Once my result seemed odd and I realised my hands were not properly dry soI re-did the test and got a result more in line with what I expected- obviously the drops of moisture affected the test

  • I got two very different readings on one occasion. I emailed Roche asking for advice and they sent me a new machine immediately. I did not ask for this and to be honest i thought it was just a glitch so was surprised they were so quick to offer replacement. Like you I was very impressed with the service . they then sent a jiffy bag for me to return old machine and rang me later to give feedback on the problem and to ask if new one was OK. It is.

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