In researching sulphites, I found the following on this website:

Possible Symptoms and Diseases Related to Sulfites


Chronic fatigue syndrome

Bed wetting


Brain fog

Candida and other fungal infections



Ear infections

Heart palpitations


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Immune deficiencies

Joint pain


Muscle weakness/loss

Nose bleeds

Skin conditions

Tooth pain and sore gums

Vaginal yeast infections

Apparently, sometimes it takes certain concentrations to trigger a problem. Heart palpitations is on the list.

There is a list of foods that can have sulphites. Too bad eating is necessary since not eating seems about the only way to entirely avoid sulphites.

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  • Thanks for reminding us Engmac. Our diet has moved quite quickly over the last 5 years to more fresh, organic and processed largely eliminated.

    The more you look into food the more you are astounded on what is presented as food both in how it is grown/reared and then processed. Regrettably, I think the food industry will be under attack within 10 years for what it has been marketing as 'food'. There is a double impact firstly additives like sulphites and then poor nutritive content that I believe makes people over eat as their bodies insist on more, looking for sufficient nutrition.

  • Absolutely! There are whole aisles in supermarkets that are full of Things That Are Bad For You!

  • That's scary stuff - I could tick off quite a few of those symptoms 😏

  • There are sulphites in wines that trigger my Asthma. Although it causes minor discomfort, its nonetheless quite evident. All wines can trigger the wheezing. However it is especially white wine for some reason.

    Aerating the wine most definitely helps.



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