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Gloucestershire lunch (was supper)

It seems most people are in favour of meeting for lunch (probably best at this time of year) so just need to decide the date now. Monday 23rd November would suit me and at least one other person so need to know if that suits anyone else?

I've looked at three venues, all within easy distance of Barnwood; The Wheatstone Inn in Barnwood Fields, The Royal Oak in Hucclecote Road and the King Edward VII in Old Cheltenham Road. If anyone is familiar with any of them then feedback would be appreciated, thanks.

It would be lovely if this became a regular event so please get in touch and help make it happen.

Cheers, Kate

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Hi Kate ,

Just to say that I won't be able to make a lunchtime as I can't get the time off work, but at least my reply should put your post at the top of the list!



Thanks for the post, Cyril, I know daytime is difficult for you and I will aim to arrange another get together next year when we have lighter evenings. Perhaps then we'll have more folk joining us.

All the best, Kate


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