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Gloucestershire supper (or lunch?)

Hi all, I think we agreed last time that another get together in November would suit everyone, so this is just a preliminary suggestion that we meet one evening the week beginning 23rd November.

However, if anyone prefers meeting during the daytime, either coffee or lunch, it would probably be a better option on these cold dark evenings but may be not possible for some.

Let me know what you think, perhaps we can inspire a few extra people to join us this time.

Best wishes.


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Hi Kate, I would be interested if in daytime (as I no longer drive at night) but will obviously depend on the majority. best wishes jan


Hi kate, lunchtime is better for me especially at this time of year, during the summer it's a different story.



Hi Kate,

I could do Mon 23rd or Wed 25th lunchtime if its not too far from Barnwood. Otherwise, don't worry about me and I'll wait until we can meet up in an evening once its lighter.



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