hi every one hop all are ok , I been in sotalol for past 6 yers , with no probblems , but last week AF start again , done 24 monitor and it was ireguler for 24 hours , so my gp ask me to see her Thursday to change my medication , whats is the one in the market as I don't know , is really bad to stay with AF all day and weeks , so can ask for a cardia shok , thanks

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  • If you are in UK look at NICE guidelines not sure Sotalol used now

  • hi THX I will see my gp Thursday

  • Yes true but I was put on it yesterday 2x 80 mg a day - I must read the guidelines again jist to see if that is ok

  • thankyou / they put me on anatalol now / will see my gp next week . thx

  • I suggest that you ask for a referral to an EP since the majority of gps know only a little about AF and I suspect rarely are up to date and of course they are only likely to be seeing the odd few patients so don't have a sufficiently large knowledge base about symptoms / reactions / options whereas an EP is seeing quite a few people every week.

  • thankyou

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