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I was apprehensive about seeing the cardiologist but also knew that I needed to ask him a whole list of questions. Firstly i had an ecg and had taken my own readings from my bp monitor as i have white coat syndrome!. He has a lovely manner and when i showed him my bp reading his retort was "i wish my blood pressure was that good". I explained that Ihad been stressed and that my blood pressure had spiked to 196/101 and had been experiencing triple beats and missed beats. He said that on my last heart trace these ectopics showed up. He told me thst there are lots of factors that contribute towards af but stress is a big factor. When stressed adrenaline is produced which affects the heart. So no change in meds at the moment but dealing with stress and anxiety may help. So i am going back to my mindfulness tapes and reading. He is going to suggest to gp something short term for my anxiety will cut down another day at work by taking my pension and try and accept that af doesnt mean the end of everything but to start to accept what is. Not easy when i have been worried and stressed feeling that af had curbed alll my dreams and living in dread of the next a and e admission. No ablation said i am low dose of meds so feels i will be better served dealing with all my own conflicts. .Relieved and feeling more positive just have to ignore all the flips and blips that my heart produces. He said you are not going to die!.I guess the moral of this story is acceptance and getting on with today I am tackling my anxiety and putting af in the place as part of my life but not all of it. Best wishes to all Chris

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Chris, thank you so much for posting such a comprehensive report. Your optimistic outlook is going to be of huge benefit.

I used to groan when retired people said that they could not imagine how anybody found the time to go to work. Well, I'm saying it now.

Before my ablation I had lost confidence not knowing how I was going to feel on a day-to-day basis. I was totally unreliable as far as commitments were concerned. Since my ablation the occasional AF is manageable but I do have a Plan B at all times. For example, I help in the tea bar at the local cottage hospital. The rota lady knows that I may need to be replaced if I am not well. Knowing that she understands gives me the confidence to get there AF free.

You need to be kind to yourself. Consider that each day is an opportunity to achieve new things. Learn to ask for medical help promptly if your condition deteriorates.

Best wishes.


Thank you Jenny it is about living moment by moment but it bites you on the rear sometimes. Lovely to connect with you chris


Good for you Chris!


Thank you. Been tidying up throwing stuff out ready for the charity shop. Work tomorrow. Chris


Sounds very positive - keep saying to myself must spend an hour on a room everyday and clear the junk .

Had CT scan now of course wondering what the results from that might reveal, I suppose its natural to worry about what is going to bite you on the rear.

Being kind to yourself by not worrying to much sounds good to me.


Definitely good luck with your tests. Chris


Sounds like you have a good cardio. You might now have to make a conscious effort to remain positive, change some old habits and curb some of your less AF desirable ones but I am pleased with many of the changes that have occurred to me since AF turned up! Really pleased!!


Two days in and trying to ignore negative thoughts and ectopic beats.


I get stressed over the most silliest of things, i dont moan i just sit there quietly but i can feel my heart going mad, the slightest bit of stress. It's ridiculous! Think we both need to deal with our stress and anxiety haha, wish you well mate.



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