Learning to live with Afib

Hi there - I recently was diagnosed with Afib (well 10 months ago) and have tried to lead a healthy life since. I am always worried about a new attack and find myself reading about it daily and listening to what others have to say about. I have many questions and I am learning everyday. I was hoping if anyone reads this they could have a quick look at my bulletin board livingwithafib.net. This is my form of therapy as I enjoy coding a bit with computers and if anyone could drop by and provide some posts and their stories on Afib that would be great. Many thanks.

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  • Good for you to take a lemon and make lemonade, which will also help others.

  • Still learning to use this site - what is a bulletin board ?


  • Basically what this is - just another form of chat that people can have on the Internet - some use Facebook others use email - its all just ways of communicating in the end


  • Hi Russellsg,

    I was diagnosed 2 years ago and at the start I, like many others, was where you are, almost automatically checking my pulse frequently (and worrying my husband every time he caught me doing it!) to the point where it became a guilty habit! Eventually I was relieved when I went into an AF episode, because it reaffirmed my own conviction. I got to the point where I was in AF every few days.

    That was then.

    Having learned everything I could about the condition, I made the decision that I did not want AF to determine who I am. I have been using alternative therapies to keep my body in good shape and worked with my EP to amend my medication so that I feel as normal as possible (Bisoprolol wiped me out). Having done that, I got on with life. Funnily enough, the less you think and worry about AF, the easier it becomes to push it to the background and return to something resembling normal. Now I come onto the forum to see where I can support others, but otherwise I don't give it much consideration on a day-to-day basis and I've ditched the pulse-checking habit.

    When I was anxious, it was worse for my husband. Now we're both a lot more confident and know that if an episode occurs (last one in February), we can manage it and it's nothing to be anxious about.

    Your bulletin board looks very professional and is easy to use. However, it seems to have the same purpose as this forum? If coding helps you, is there something non-AF related that you could use it for? That would help to take your mind off the AF as well.

    Sorry if this sounds harsh - I'm just concerned that you may be stepping into a negative spiral. Please work with the medical professionals and any other therapy that would relieve your anxiety about AF and let you live life as normal.

    Best wishes


  • Many thanks Caroline for you comments - you are absolutely right - when you don't think about it nothing happens I feel good and it is as if there is no such issue - when I sit and think about it then I feel I am going to go into afib. Just lying there can cause panic - so its all good advice forget about it and get on with your life. Thanks for looking at my bulletin board. I appreciate that - I am certainly not trying to poach people away - it is just something I like to do in my spare time and if I get two or three posts that I can discuss things with people then great.


  • Learning to live with AF and not be terrorized by it is the challenge that each of us faces. I'm glad you are trying to find that sweet spot for yourself. Whether it is blogging, knitting, meditating, doing yoga, or coloring in one of the new grown up coloring books, doing what relaxes you is a key component of being heart healthy. Healthy lifestyle makes it so that whatever you do to help the AF has a better chance of succeeding. Be well!

  • Thanks - again all good advice - I must admit the best form I have of relaxing is watching the football - however that may not always work depending on the results :)


  • I was wondering about blood thinners - low risk by the test - is it best to stay off them?

  • They do NOT thin the blood at all !!! They are anticoagulants.

  • Yes but when you are low risk are they really necessary - some articles say that many people are prescribed them when not needed

  • That may be the patients own choice or the two scoring systems have shown risk of stroke is higher than bleeding..

  • I was on riveroxiban prior to my last OHS and when they opened me up I had a great big clot

    In my atrium after 9 months of AF. If you are advised to take anticoagulants take them(just not riveroxiban) Why put yourself at risk? I'm on warfarin now as I have a mechanical valve. After 40 years of congenital heart disease, I don't get to decide if I do or don't take it. If you have the luxury to choose then choose the sensible option.

  • The cardiologist recommended I do not go on blood thinners - that to me then is not a choice I need to make

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