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7 weeks ago my doc re referred me to my cardiologist. Today I rang hospital appts to see when or if an appt had been made for me. It seems I am on a waiting list for the cardiology dept who have such a backlog they are going to 'build' more clinics, I should receive an appt when that is done. No indication of time scale given. Not holding my breath for one before December. Meanwhile, I'm back in AF and now am pretty useless 😖😖. Ok, rant over😊

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  • Where are you living LIndabob? You can check if there is an EP (heart rhythm specialist) near you on the AF Association website under patient information and ask to be referred there direct. If in UK you might have to get a private first consultation to beat the system. AF is known as a 21st century epidemic with at least 2% of the population having it and in some areas (North Devon for example with it's older population) this can be as high as 7% so our NHS is under pressure.

  • I live in Warwickshire, nearest EP seems to be in Oxford. Will check it out, thanks Bob😊

  • Our local BBC news ran an item about NHS waiting times last week. They stated that the waiting time in North Wales is 10 weeks.

    That does not square with the letter I have received stating that the waiting time for me to be seen for my radiotherapy-damaged shoulder is 11months. The nurse who gave me my flu jab last week has already waited 7 months to go to Ear, nose and throat.

    I understand that the maximum targeted waiting time in England is 18 weeks. As 11 months is 48 weeks I have sent a very snotty email to our MP and he's investigating. His reply is slow to arrive!!!!!

  • Oh dear jennydog, that is appaling, I do hope the time is shortened. Somehow I think things have got worse over recent months. Good luck😊

  • I am in south Wales and was told it would take 8 months to get a cardiology appointment. I paid for a E.P. consultation(£230) and then was transferred to the N.H.S. The appointment took 10 days to set up! Maybe not perfect but it worked for me. X

  • Faced with the 11 months wait I arranged a private consultation ( I have been in Benenden for 25years and never before used them ). To my utter disgust it was arranged within 3 days. It cost £180, then add £40 for a physio therapy assessment, £210 for an X-ray and £400 for a nerve test.

    I hated every minute of it. It made me realise how lucky we are to have the NHS and how cross I am that it is so abused and badly managed. ( Don't get me started about drunks, foreigners etc)

    BUT this was about my shoulder. It is painful and has limited use but it is not life-threatening. Hearts are different, aren't they?

  • Well, today I got in control... Heart banging around like a mad thing, totally knackered, can't do stairs.

    Ordered an Alivecor, delivery tomorrow, found EP. Got appt for doc on Wednesday, will go and tell him to sort it, and I shall pay for private consultation. Life's too short .

    Thanks guys for all your comments and suggestions. 😊👋👋

  • My Gp wrote to the Cardiologist back in May and I got my appointment at end of September, so a 4 month wait. But to be truthful that is the longest I have waited for anything in Shrewsbury, my echocardiogram appt came through in 4 weeks and my 24 hr ECG in less than 3 weeks. We can get a GP appt on the day, if you feel it necessary at my surgery so I have no complaints at all with the NHS. I feel very lucky.

  • I usually have no real problems, but at the moment our hospital seem to have a real problem. I hope they sort it soon. Will see GP next week and try to shortcut to the next step with the EP, thanks for your reply, appreciated 😊

  • Good luck. Hope you can get it sorted asap.

  • Thank you😊

  • Hi Lindabob, sorry to hear you are back in AF, I know how you feel I am there myself again, it is so debilitating. Hope you get sorted very soon :)

  • Never ceases to amaze me if they have time to see you if you pay why can't they see you if you don't do they suddenly put more hours into the day

  • The NHS pays consultants for 40 hours work a week. Private work is done on top of this in a consultants spare time (evenings, weekends and non-NHS time). Not sure many people would do overtime for free.

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