Saw my GP yesterday, I have a severe UTI, apparently first thing in the morning the infection would be more concentrated and taking any medication would probably have this effect. Started antbiotics yesterday evening, this morning no head shift, no AF at the moment. My AF only usually presents when I have some sort of infection.

Thank you all for your help.

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  • I have had UTI on and off for years. I tried most of the antibiotics but they never really helped. I now use something called D Mannose and have found it to be very good .hope this helps.

  • Whats D mannose, sounds interesting. Terjo

  • Hi Terjo. D-Mannose is a simple sugar related to glucosamine. which has the ability to attack bacteria to prevent the bacteria from attaching to the bladder wall I found it via the cystitis and over active bladder web site. It has worked for me.

  • Thank you, I'd not heard of it before. Terjo

  • How would this work if your Diabetic ? if its a sugar .

  • Never heard of this before as we all know the overuse of antibiotics is not good but there are other things that will help.

  • Thank you

  • My daughter suffered for years with uti then she came across dmanose has been good since she gets it from Newzealand

  • Thank you, that is the second recommendation for dmanose, I will look into it.

    Take care,


  • Is it safe to take with Warfarin? I have 1 or 2 UTI's a year so should I take it at the first sign of a problem?

  • Hi,

    I don't know, as all things that we eat and drink affect Warfarin, we would need to be very careful. I am going to look into it.

    Take care,


  • I don't know either as my daughter has not got AF thank goodness

  • The red wine urine sample was a shock for the out of hours GP I eventually got to see on Saturday after ringing 111 and asking to go to Bridllington not Hedon as it is closer. I knew I needed antibiotics for the cystitis as the pain and blood had to be contolled ASAP. .Within 24 hours and two tablets everything was under control. Unfortunately it will postpone the cardioversion!!! Warfarin will stop the strokes but we must just put up with side effects.

  • I get mine manose from sweet cures I think they are in York I don't know if they could help. but the cystitis and overactive bladder COB for short are very helpful they might know how you stand with the warfin.

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