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Blocked Artery and Stents

I've been on Warfarin for nearly 5 years. I had cardioversion 3 years ago and this was successful, exceptfor two short re-occurrences. The latest was about 3 weeks ago. It lasted about 48 hours and part way through I had a dizzy spell, felt nauseous, and sweated profusely. The sweating I put down to slight panic. The AF ended 24 hours later. No pains and no breathlessness. I had an ECG but no signs of a heart attack. I'm to have a further ECG in 2 weeks time. I take Statins 10mg and Enenapril to reduce blood pressure.

Two years ago I had an Angiogramme and this showed that I have a totally blocked artery and a narrowing of another one. My Specialist told me that a stent was not possible and he would not interfer with the other one. I'm 77 years of age, but overweight and not very fit, although I play golf twice a week and work out at the gym twice a week.

I'm thinking of asking for a second opinion about the stent

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hi i think a second opinion may be a good idea may get the same answers but may not.


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