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AF triggered by pregnancy hormones?


Just wondering if there is anyone else on the site who thinks their AF trigger was/is pregnancy?

I went into AF for the 1st time when I was 20 weeks pregnant. Have had a further 5 episodes all 'fixed' via cardioversion. Possibly the hormones are still to blame as only finished breast feeding recently. Anyone have a similar experience?



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Hi Alison, Not ever having been pregnant my only comment it that triggers are not causes. You obviously have a tendency or pre-disposition to AF which may well have enabled it to be triggered by your pregnancy but you should be prepared that it is now with you and may well continue. AF is almost always progressive and seldom just vanishes but who knows, you may the the exception.


I do notice that I always get more symptoms and sometimes AF episodes the week before Mother Nature pays a visit. I also had a cardiology friend ask me in the past a few times how my hormones are as she believes there is a link. Therefore possible that your womanly hormones make a difference. The truth will be if it settles now you are slowing breast feeding.


Hi Alison, my PAF seemed to start when my doctor advised me to reduce my HRT which I had used for many years following surgery. I did as advised but soon realised that the episodes got more frequent so am now back on a low dose patch which seems to keep me balanced. I have also had a cryo-ablation 8 years ago which certainly did the trick so far.

Best wishes, Jackie


My girlfriend got af for the first time during pregnancy too, she now gets small episodes when stressed or drank too much coffee, i honestly think af is more common than we think, my ep says she's seeing more and more under 40s with it due to lifestyles


I was told five years ago 'in passing' by my heart consultant that my AF may have started when I was pregnant 35 YEARS ago! I did not pick up on it because in my 70s pregnancy was not on my mind! Had had flutters on/off for years and paid no attention to them until they became more 'apparent'.


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