INR and exercise

I normally walk about 3 to 4 miles most weekday mornings . So when I have my INR test at GP's I have always done exercise. Does anyone know if this walking would have any effect on raising or lowering INR?

I am having an angiogram and not stopping warfarin - INR has to be between 2 and 2.5. - and I wont be doing any exercise on that day.


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  • Why would it? Relax and carry on as usual.

  • I asked exactly that when I was on warfarin as I couldn't get and stay within targets and General consensus was doesn't effect it at all. Only thing was different diets and changing amount of green veg and similar foods changed absorption of the warfarin.

  • I think that exercise lowers your INR. It surely will get your metabolism going and I have the feeling that active people tend to be on a high dose of warfarin.

  • Metabolism is what matters but if you exercise regularly and similar amounts it will stabilise and like wise your INR. Missing one day or sudden;t doing lots for one day won't matter as it isn't that instant.

  • INR is such a fickle thing as so many things upset its apple cart and the impact of any one isn't easy to pin point. Then again, its strength is perhaps that whatever you do, it is easily offset by something else and it seems to even out for a lot of people most of the time.

  • According to my book I have only been out of range twice in the last three years. Once at 1.8 and once at 3.3 which was due to the stupid computer program which doesn't recognise a rising or falling trend. We are better at massaging the results now and adjust with an extra glass of wine as necessary. Well somebody has to do it!


  • And strictly for medicinal purposes, of course! How valliant, Bob. So, if I am right, the more you walk, the more you have to drink. Equilibrium.

  • Sometimes I reckon a change in the wind direction an have an impact on your INR - mine has been quite erratic since April - who knows .....

  • I'm sure you're right!

  • Thanks for your replies - will let you know!

  • Have been on warfarin for 15 years and as far as I know exercise has no effect on INR, diet and medication can though.


  • Walking does not affect the INR levels. You may have eaten a little too much green veg. Just cut down. Carry on walking, enjoy the scenery, enjoy your food,

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