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AF and insulin

Hi. I've had AF for about 10 years but am new to here. Am a GUCH patient so slightly complicated. Have had cardioversions, an ablation, had my mitral valve replaced and a maze procedure and now have a single chamber pacemaker . Still have AF. It tends to come and go but 4 weeks ago I was put on insulin injections and it has sent my heart rather loopy. However, at the hospital yesterday when interrogating my pacemaker, they said that nothing was showing up on my pacemaker readings so I couldn't be getting fast runs or mad rhythms cos otherwise it would show up. And yet, when taking my pulse its regularly at120. So .......... Any ideas anyone, cos I'm flummoxed and the hospital were well less than helpful.

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I'm just saying hello as no one else has done so!

It would seem that you have us flummoxed as well, although I now know what GUCH means.

All the best!


It has been my experience that unless you can show recorded data of any phenomena no action will be taken.

Is there any way you can record your HR in a way that you can present it as evidence eg: AliveCor where you can store the recordings and print them out?

You learn such a lot on this forum!


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