Pace and AV node ablation

Hi. I would appreciate any members who have had pace and ablate giving me feedback on results for them. Cardiologist says that as I have episodes every week lasting approx 20 hours and a heart rate reaching 175bpm he wants me to have this procedure as he says such a high rate will eventually weaken my heart. 3 ablations and medication have been unsuccessful. I realise it's not a cure. Thanks.


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  • Mumknowsbest is you girl to ask.

  • Thank you

  • I have met two ladies with pacemakers and both are doing remarkably well. One saw a post from me on this site, made contact and then called here. She had had several ablations which had not cured AF so she had a pacemaker fitted. It had solved her problems so she was yet to have the AV node ablated. I understand that it is not completely removed so that in the event of battery failure your heart does just manage to keep going.

    It's scary, isn't it? You are so wise to do your research. I may well be in your position one day and I wish you well.

    PS. Ask about the new type of pacemaker which looks like an AAA battery and is injected up via the groin. It may not be suitable but this may well be the future type used and it looks easier as there are no wires involved.

  • Hi Jenny thanks for your interesting reply. I have had my pacemaker since 2011 so I don't suppose I would be offered the latest one. Mine is called a St Jude. Scarily St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes - Oh dear ...... Why on earth did they call it that . 😏 Best Wishes


  • Probably deliberate because the lost cause is ablations/ medicines!!!!😀

  • Hi sunigirl, when I got my St Jude CRT-D pacemaker fitted 7 weeks ago, I was told that St Jude was the patron saint of healing. Prefer that to the lost causes.


  • Thanks Walter, yes I prefer that too.😀

    Hope all goes well for you, sending best wishes


  • Hi Sunigirl,

    Thanks for your good wishes. PM seems to be doing well.

    Hope things go well for you once you get it fitted.


  • Didn't know that!!

    Well technically the CRT doesn't heal anything ..... but it gives you a good chance of survival if it is activated!!!!

  • Hi Peter,

    The very reason I opted for the CRT-D. Where I live, paramedics would never get to me in time. As you say, got a better chance of survival, if it's required.


  • Hi Sungirl,

    I have had the procedure, had the pacemaker fitted in November last year and in March this year had an AV node ablation.

    I no longer take arrhythmia meds and take only Rivaroxiban and candestartan.

    I am like a new woman since this procedure, I have my life back and have gone back too work.

    I still occasionally am aware of palpitations but they do not bother me at all.and you are right it is not a cure but can give you back your life ,I to had three failed ablations.

    Good luck

    Wendi x

  • Hi Wendi

    I am so pleased with your reply and it's brilliant you feel so good.

    I am on the waiting list at Wythenshawe Hospital Manchester. Thank You


  • Hi Wendi. Would you please tell me if there is a lot of adjusting to be done to pacing rate or was it all sorted before you went home after AV node ablation. I have pre med on mon 5th and procedure on 13th Oct. sorry to pester you. Thanks and best wishes

    Susan 😉

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