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Hi Im 4 months post ablation, saw my EP Tuesday who suggested that I

stop the Bisoprolol (1.25grms) and see how I go. I had a 7 day monitor

a month ago, which showed I am getting ectopic beats, which I am

aware of. My last Bisoprolol was Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday

were fine today I have severe breathlessness if I try to do anything but

dont know if its because Ive stopped the Bisop or just too early after the

ablation to expect my heart to function with a hiccough.

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Ectopics are not a problem and actually a good sign at this time. I always found it best to ease off my drugs a bit at a time rather than just stop.


Thanks Bob the EP didnt give me that option, although obviously

I still have some Bisop so I could take one on alternate days if

thats the problem. Breathlessness has actually been my only

serious concern since my ablation but Ive been fine for the last month or so until now. What would you do?


What I did was right for me and may not be for you. I just cut pills in half and from 6 a day went down five, four, three, two, one Thunderbirds are go (sorry couldn't resist it), half etc over a few weeks. My EP didn't give me an option either but that is what I did .

Shortness of breath was one of my problems and I was never on Bisoprolol at all,,,ever... I think it goes with the territory post ablation. Speak to your arrhythmia nurse if in any doubt.

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Shirly what is your heart rate when breathless?

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Hi Yatsura dont actually know, and at the moment its calmed

down. Ive been struggling all morning and felt better after lunch

so went scrumping apples, we have our eye on this tree for a

while, and my heart behaved itself. When it happens again I will

check it, I find it hard to believe as it was so bad this morning.

I have decided to take a Bisop every other day as this does seem

to be a sensible idea, I should have thought of that myself.



This may be a silly observation, but maybe when you were concentrating on knicking your neighbours apples :-D , you forgot to think about your ticker, so it worked properly.

Is that daft???



We were taken to this tree by an old friend who was born in

the village and remembers scrumping himself as a youngster, hes 92 now. Its on the far corner of a wood and

him indoors had to take his scythe to the nettles, we had a rekkie a couple of weeks ago. Its amazing that all the fruit

trees growing wild have masses of lovely fruit, but the ones

that are tended with care fail miserablly. Never fails to puzzle

my husband who keeps threatening to chop them down,

Our pear tree has a solitary pear on it.


Hi Shirley I continued to be breathless and very fatigued 3 months after successful ablation, much more than other people seemed to be, it turned out I had another condition which caused the breathlessness so if it doesn't resolve and if you have other symptoms don't hesitate to go to you GP and get it checked out,


Same here. I'm now 15 months after a successful ablation and breathlessness is slowly getting worse. In the middle of testing to find out what is going on.


Thanks so much everyone I will certainly be much more aware.

I think I may have been ok for the last few weeks as Ive been away on

holiday and not been very active. The problem has started when I have

started my normal routine, maybe thats the answer.

Thanks to everyone.


I have found out that there are many factors that affect breathlessness. Some I found out from the person who did a chest x-ray a few months ago. I am 6ft but most of my height is in my body rather than my legs (ie proportions). He took the x-ray and then went and checked it and then came back and said he would need to take a second one to capture the rest of the lungs because I had very long lungs and normally he only has to do this a few times a year. He said that sportsmen would be envious as they would get less breathless!!!! Apparently also it depends on the quantity of blood vessels, general well being, physical condition, weight, air temperature and other things.


Will see how I go and if no improvement will consider other

things. Yesterday I was fine today Im very breathless when I

do anything. arrgh



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