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8 month follow up after ablation

I saw my EP yesterday for my follow up after wearing the monitor for 24 hours. He could see a few short runs of ectopics which I have been feeling, and the heart speeding up and then slowing down again, and said as they were very short they were nothing to worry about. He suggested I stay on bisoprolol which I was taking a tiny dose of and use flecananide as a PIP if episodes last longer than 10 minutes. I had an episode last night, while waiting for my 20 year old daughter to come home after a night out and managed to control it by deep and slow breathing. Goes to prove anxiety is the cause for me.

I also mentioned that my fitness had deteriorated and that I was getting breathless quicker. He is sending me for an MRI scan of my heart to make sure the veins aren't narrowing due to the ablation as this is a 1% risk of the procedure. Has anyone had an MRI scan of the heart? I am happy with this as it will give me a detailed picture of my heart and how it is coping. Enjoy your weekend :)

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Hi I had MRI scan of heart it is nothing to worry about and it was great to know that it gives a very detailed picture so if there is anything going on that shouldn't it will be seen .

My AF is like you have described very short speeding up but then goes down and like you if I take a deep breath it stops by the time I feel it and try to do pulse it's stopped only take bisoprpol 2.5 daily have been given flecanaide but never used as not needed .

Hope all goes well with scan


MRI's arent great if you're claustrphobic, however...... if you've been through ablation and the whole lying still thing..... they're a piece of cake. I fell asleep when I had my last MRI!

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With all that noise you slept?

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