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9th Month Ablation Follow-up

I saw my EP today for a routine visit. It has been 7 months since my last episode of AFIB.

I was very concerned in my first 3 months post ablation. I started having afib 2-3 times a week and only had episodes once a month before the ablation.

The episodes finally started getting less frequent and stopped after 10 weeks.

I did my research on the EP's available under my health plan and so glad I did.

This EP is unbelievable. His concern for his patients is above any I have heard before. He actually gave me his personal cell phone number and told me to call him any time I had any issues. He does this with all his patients.

I am now off all meds and my next appointment is a year from now unless this demon comes back. Hopefully not!

So glad I had the ablation. Those of you just having the ablation, hang in there and try to remain positive.

Best Wishes to all!

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We love good news, so pleased for you.


Excellent news perkman, thanks for sharing......


Confirms what we keep saying. It takes time to recover and get better. Well done.


Glad you have had such a good result.Who is your EP?


Dr Mark Seifert


Thank you. Didn't realise you were in the US not the UK.


Good to hear perkman glad to hear things are going so well, it gives me a lot of hope, 3 days to go before my ablation day


Take it easy the first couple of weeks. Don't get discouraged if you have episodes of AFIB. It is quite common especially the first few weeks after. Let us know how it went. You'll be fine.

Good Luck!

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Hi there, very reassuring to read your post regards time needed for the ablation to do its job.... Hope you are keeping well 👍


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