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Hoping this might help someone out there. When I have AF episodes I take Metatone. For those of you old enough to remember as children being given a tonic to help get over minor illnesses this is the one my parents gave me. It is basically vitamins and minerals and really helps with aching muscles after exertion during AF episodes. Also if you pee a lot during AF - a recognised symptom - it helps replace the minerals. It is relatively cheap, it comes in liquid form so not yet another tablet, and is available over the counter. Worth a try.

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  • Hi Dianaharv

    As always people should check probably with their Pharmacist before taking any form of non prescription drug, many of the drugs we take have interactions with various other medications.

    I had to smile googling Metatone, which I have never heard of, to find that the liquid form is 11% Alcohol, now wonder you liked it as a child :)

    Be well


  • That made me smile too. Perhaps I should have stuck to the Lucozade!

  • You are absolutely correct in that you should check all new prescriptions and supplements with your primary doctor before taking them; i.e., an emergency doctor might prescribe an antibiotic (that interacts with prescription that you are on...say, warfarin) without checking your med list. That happened to me in Jan., 2013, when I had the flu, a Saturday morning doctor prescribed Cefdinir because she did not want my congestion to settle in my lungs and cause pneumonia. The Cefdinir interacted with the Warfarin I was on and I almost bled to death. I was in ICU for four days and then three more to recover. I lost nine pounds in 7 days because they would not feed me due to various proposed emergency procedures. They put me on 80 mg. of prednisone 3X day, shots of Vit. K, and talked about transfusions. If you are on a blood thinner, be especially wary of antibiotics.

  • At the surgery I go to we each have our own named GP and normally you see them. All the time. Even if you need an emergency appointment they try and sort one with your own GP rather than just any of the GPs. However on the two occassional in the last year where I have had to see one of the others because mugs was not in that day I have said "is that medicine ok with my AF and the Bisoprolol, digoxin and warfarin that I am on?".

  • I had it as a child and can still remember the taste. I also had Minidex which tasted thick and orangey. It's amazing how we can still remember tastes of60 years ago isn't it.

    I am from a long line of tee total extended family they would have been shocked had they been aware of the alcohol content. Obviously I did not get a taste for the alcohol content as I have continued the tee total lifestyle lol.

    Glad it works for you. Yes I agree I check everything out with doc or chemist just in case of interaction.

  • I'm so sorry. I had no idea about the alcohol content. As Beancounter says always check with the pharmacist.

  • Hi Diana - Are you saying that when you take Metatone it stops an AF attack?

    I was given it as a child and can remember the taste, but have to admit I haven't given it a thought since then.


  • Sadly not. I wish it did. But it does help with the feeling of general weakness that I experience during AF attacks.

  • Thanks Diana, I will ask the doc. Sounds like one for the evening instead of a glass of wine!


  • Or as a night cap.

  • I remember being given it as a child, don't remember the taste only that of California Syrup of Figs - disgusting!

    I do think you are onto something re replacement of minerals etc. am currently in Bath and went around the Roman Baths - they were talking about the 'healing' powers of the waters here pre Roman times - so much for 'modern' medicine!

  • Good morning CDreamer, yes I do remember California Syrup of figs, I had it regularly as a kid and yes it was disgusting , no wonder I don't like Fig biscuits.!!! Take care. Sann

  • "Innkeeper - a shot of Metatone for the house"

  • I keep smiling at every new post that comes in but I do apologise to any committed teetotallers out there who either have taken Metatone not realising its alcohol content or who were given it as a child by equally unsuspecting parents!!

    But it's good to have something about AF that makes us smile now and then!

  • Remember the taste well. Also Haliborange, anyone remember that one?

  • I used to love Haliborange!

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