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Since starting Ramipril 5 weeks ago, I have needed to get up in the night 2/3 times. This progressed to 3/4 times and last night it was 5 times between 11.30 p.m. and 6.15 a.m. Has this happened to anyone else please?

With the swollen feet from the Diltiazem, I am just so pleased I have a date for my ablation and possibly getting rid of all the side effects of the meds.

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My husband takes ramapril and had the same night time loo trips. Gp told him to take hem in the morning instead now he does not have the problem any more he just takes the meds and carries on as normal.

See if your gp supports you changing to morning time.



Thank you Dee for your quick response. I already take my Ramipril at 7 a.m. They are affecting me more than the water tablets, which I have just stopped.

Having read the instructions again, I notice that 1 in 100 people are affected in this way. Its no consolation when I get up in the morning, feeling I have not been to sleep.


My theory, and it's only a theory at present, is, that if you have any fluid retention in the lower extremities during the day, exhibiting as swollen feet or ankles, then when you are lying down, the blood flow to the legs is improved. This results in the excess fluid being removed overnight, which the kidneys detect and remove. The result is more frequent loo trips. That's what I keep telling myself and say that it's nothing to do with me being male, 72 with BPH. I'm also not on any of the AF related drugs, so can't blame them.

As I said, just my theory and seems to explain the more frequent trips overnight.

Interested to hear others comments on this.



I agree with your theory, that's just the way I reason!

Sometimes, when my legs are swollen I lie down on the bed and raise my legs up on the wall to help to drain the fluid back again. (They must be higher than the heart for this to work.) Then the need to get up in the night can be an irritating every hour!!! Jan


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your comments. I think it is my analytical mind, after many years of installing and servicing analytical laboratory equipment. I noticed that even when I was taking diuretics the need to go during the day wasn't really affected even although I was taking them first thing in the morning. I then noticed, as my heart failure was progressing, so were my swollen ankles by the end of the day. But of course, the swelling had gone down by morning, so the only place the fluid could have gone was via my loo trips every 2 hours during the night. Have noticed since the pacemaker implant 4 weeks ago that the ankles are not swelling now, so that's the first sign of an improvement. Got first post-implant check-up this afternoon so will see how that goes.

Keep well.



Try another drug. Tell your Dr. Terjo


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