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8 days post Cryoblation for PAF

Feeling better each day. Heart rate steady but faster than I'm used too..before resting heart rate was low 50's now it's low 90s but it's no trouble, it's nice to have it steady! Very little in way of runs of AF and very faint. Worse thing is the headaches, migraine type, flashing lights followed by tension type headache. Been reassured this should settle in a few weeks. Been told to get plenty of rest but as I feel so good just listening to by body. GP really reassuring.

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All these things are OK and common. The aura type migraine results from the transeptal puncture although nobody has ever told me why. Went after a couple of weeks and raised heart rate is a common side effect of ablation. Mine took a long time to settle down afterwards but did eventually. Now mid sixties.

Glad it all went well. Do rest plenty. I worked out that when the bruising in my groin had faded to grey (not fifty shades) then my heart had started to heal.



Nice one Bob about grey (fifty shades) now that would get your heart jumping around,it did mine he- he cheers Bob


Yes, my heartbeat went faster than I was used to post ablation but it slowed down after a while and didn't feel so weird any more.


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