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Long term cardio training possibly linked to abnormal heart rhythms

It's a bit late for runners and cyclists who've been exercising for 40 years, but the July edition of Men's Health mentions Manchester University's press release of May 2014 that long term cardio exercise can be linked with abnormal heart rhythms. The University of South Carolina found that running up to 20 miles per week reduces risk of early death by 30%, but a two hour run won't increase your life expectancy any more than a 30 minute session. The article mentions that a 6 to 7 mph pace is proven to benefit your heart but any faster can stress your nervous system.

The reason for posting this is that we've been used to runs at 6 to 7 minute pace, or cycling to work when we've jumped onto the wheel of another cyclist, thinking "I can take take them". Now we've been diagnosed with AF - I was in denial for a long time - we have to fight our memories and ego and take it easier. It should be about exercising to live longer than going for a PB or that Strava segment. I want to see you guys posting here in 10 or 15 years time! Me? I now row 10km on a Concept 2 faster than I can run 10k.

Here's to all of us who still exercise with egos in check and live with AF. May we have long lives and be happy.

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Great Post! Well said.


My ep told me rowers also are prone to getting af same as runners and cyclists , like you say too late after running for the last 20 yrs 😊


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