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Forward Planning for oblation

I notice that everyone says to take it easy post oblation. I live on my own.

I have thought about frozen dinners for the first week but is there anything else I need to plan for? Will I be able to go food shopping after one week.... make the bed .... do the washing. In fact what physical restrictions has anyone noticed that I haven't thought of please?

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One important thing is that hospitals do not like you leaving alone. You should not travel by public transport nor be alone for the first day or so in case of bleeding from the entry wound and of course may not drive for at least 48 hours. You must discuss this with the pre assessment nurse so that arrangements can be made, for example maybe a hospital car to transport you or a neighbour to watch over you .

Once the groin wound has healed properly it is really about not lifting anything heavy and taking things as easy as possible for a week or two but provided that you don't over do things you should be fine.

Ablation is not a major operation involving any deep incisions but you do need to respect that fact that your heart has had a good old kicking even if you don't have a big zip up the front.



Hi Enjoy, I hear your concerns and just suggest that as far as the practical things go, the easier you can make life for yourself the better, you need to treat yourself gently at first and although it's difficult to change your usual pattern of living it is important to allow yourself to do so. I'd say, on experience, the longer you can take it easy the better.

Instead of going food shopping why not order in online and get the driver to bring in your shopping for you, they'll do that if you ask them to. If you want to make the bed (by this I'm sure you don't mean changing the sheets etc) then just make it look tidy so it's not annoying you. It may take longer than a week before you feel up to following your usual routine but only you know when you'll feel strong enough to do what you need to do.

I hope your ablation goes well for you.


I arranged for my son to stay with me. I had made his favourite bolognese sauce and decided that he would be able to heat it up and cook the necessary spaghetti on our return from hospital.

He collected me. I cooked the spaghetti. He only stayed one night before escaping. I had been told not to drive for 2 days but didn't try until Day3.

I felt remarkably well and didn't feel my heart at all for 6 weeks although I do have the odd bout of AF now.

Rest as much as possible

Very best wishes.


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