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Pacemaker op

Well im on the waiting list for a pacemaker!

I have rung consultants secretary to ask what sort of pacemaker and how many leads - i was told that i will find this out at the pre-op assesment!

How soon will this be? Two weeks before the op.

This seems like an awful long wait to get the info i want. Whilst the procedure might be every day to them - its a big deal to me, after all its my body!

Feeling a bit in the dark!

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You will be fine. I had duo lead pacemaker fitted two weeks ago. Just rest up afterwards and do what they tell you. No raising your arm for six weeks. Good luck, good health and let us know hie you get on.



Thanks for your reply, hope all is well with you.

So glad i found this forum - its a big help with everybodies support.



Good morning dizzykaz, I had a dual lead pacemaker fitted 30th April 2014. No problem, just be aware that you must not raise your arm or do anything that might move one of the leads until they have bedded in which takes about six weeks and you will be fine. I cannot stress this enough because I stupidly must have moved my arm wrongly and I ended up having to have the procedure done again in the afternoon, it is very rare for leads to move so I am sure you will be fine. I had no further problems. May I ask why you are having a pacemaker fitted? Mine was because of Bradycardia. It certainly sorted that problem out.

All the best, you will be fine.

Take care and have a calm Bank Holiday weekend. Angel blessings.


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Hi Angel D

Thanks for your reply

I like you have bradycardia along with vaso vagal syncope. Started to get heart block which seems to be getting progressively worse - so hense a pacemaker!

Your reply is sound advise- nice to know im not on my own.

Best wishes

Dizzy Kaz


Hi ,

I had a dual lead pacemaker put in November last year, as the others say arm painful when lifting it but only for a while plenty rest and pain relief and you should be fine.

Good luck

Wendi x


Thanks Wendi

Best not be in any competition were i have to stick my hand up in air.

On a serious note it does seem to be a theme that you really cant put your arm above your head for upto six weeks.

Is getting dressed difficult and - did you have any problems with bra straps over the box?




No,wore strapless bra for about a week and its easy how you just adapt to the situation, We are going on holiday soon and just a bit concerned about the box sticking out but what the heck ! I am really much better now so its really a small price to pay.


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