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AF or ectopics

Hi all

Since Friday I have been experiencing missed beats, on average around 4 to 5 a minute albeit not all the time, hate rate and rhythm all pretty good otherwise.

So question being is this normal three months after ablation and just ectopics or has my AF returned, can't relax now and it is probably another five weeks until I have a monitor fitted.

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I suspect that these are ectopics and quite normal but speak to your arrhythmia nurse if you are worried.



Seen the AN Last Friday, he just came back with I have to wait for the 7 day monitor, which has a wait of six weeks.


Hi. I had my ablation just before you. I too am having.g missed beats which I know are ectopic but every now and then I get a fluttering feeling that lasts for a second or two. I'm not sure if these are more than 1 ectopic or a short run of A.F. I'm seeing my E.P. on Tuesday so will see what he says. I'm about to come off my meds so things could get worse! I guess we will both have to go with the flow for a while and if we need another ablation then so be it. Once or twice I have caught myself holding my breath as if that could stop it happening--- I wish. X


Agree probs have to go with flow, just effing annoying that I have to be told that after waiting 12 week post ablation slot, that it will take another six effing weeks to see if AF is still active, then a further six weeks to see the EP who will decide on the next steps, really, oh to be private again.


I have to agree with that! X


Mick I thought you had an alivecor?

(I imagine you haven't as you'd know more of what's going on)

I know you've had an ablation and I haven't but When I was woken back in June with ectopic coming in 3's 4's and 5's with as many regular beats in between, I took around 400mg of powdered magnesium diluted in warm water and it all stopped after around 10 minutes.

That was extra to my daily amount.

I know you're taking magnesium, have you tried an extra dose?

It doesn't sound like proper AF to me.



Hi Pat

No Alivecor, not a good idea for someone like me, would drive everyone mad ha.

Probs give the extra magnesium a go


Mick, I am someone like you!

Take it from me, it is far more likely to put your mind at ease than bring out any obsessive compulsive behaviour you may be worried about.



I agree. I bought a handheld device after my heart attack but have now moved onto a professional level machine which gives me as good details if not better than the ones A&E use. This allows me to look at any problem and know what it is immediately. Has paid for itself many times over in saved trips to A&E.

Anyway Mick I suspect you have etopics. This is quite common after the heart has taken the pummeling of an ablation, but it will settle down ok over time.


Which machine is that. If you don't want to state publically you can message me. Thanks.


Are these missed beats really a problem or just a little glitch of little significance? We get very conscious of every peculiarity and some aren't really worth worrying about.

I sometimes get the occasional bit of fairly insignificant AF and I just record a reading on my ECG monitor, which serves as a diary, and ignore it because I don't feel it's something that needs to bother me.


MickN and Dedeottie

I had the times of missed single beats and runs of missed beats (occaisionally) up to the at least 6 months after my ablation. The EP said I was describing perfectly ectopics which are either single or sometimes couplets or triplets when they come in groups. If you are gettiing regular beats in between then it is probably not AF in my opinion.

I understand that the first three months are considered to be a blanking period when the scar tissue is still forming and little episodes are to be expected.

The 7 day recorder I had at 6 months confirmed these as ectopics which the EP confirmed were benign. Of course, I didn't have axactly the same runs of ectopics whilst having the monitor so it left a small doubt in my mind.

Dedeottie, I also had a few times the very short runs of palpitations lasting a few seconds at most which were of more concern to me as I did doubt (and still do) as to whether these are short bursts of AF. The EP thought these were a group of ectopics together but I didn't have this at all when wearing the monitor.

I am now 11 months post ablation and touch wood rarely get ectopics or anything else. I can say I have not had a definite episode of AF since the initial 2 weeks after the ablation so I am very hopeful that the ablation has worked. I don't take any drugs apart from Apixiban.

It is very easy to become obsessed with every little "flutter" - I know I do - but the more you think about it the worse it is and the worse it is the more you think about it!

MickN, I understand your frustrations with the NHS timescales having just been referred by my GP for an assessment on a different medical matter and having to wait a further 5 weeks - and thats to assess whether to be referred to a consultant.

However, having recently retired I decided the £3000 a year the private health insurance company wanted to continue the cover I got as part of my salary package was not worth it for the meagre benefit it gave.

Give the ablation proceedure time to work and go with the flow.


Thank you so much Davegm that is really helpful. I'm so pleased you are still A.F. free as well. X


All thanks for the positive responses and I would tend to agree on the ectopics as they have always been about in very small doses and I would go days without any.

However for the first time since the ablation and from Friday last week they have been active most of the day every day, which I have not heard of before, plus the AN telling me it was likely AF had returned. has left me pretty spooked.


Ectopics for anything over 0.1% of the time are considered troublesome. Not especially dangerous but you should have a 24 hour holter. AF would make your pulse irregular-take it and see.



Sorry really do not get the response above, 0.1% of what?

24HR holter?

I posted originally as I am unable to tell if AF or ectopics, ectopics make will obviously make your pulse irregular, but as per other responses they are not the same as AF.

TBH, and I fully respect eveyones opinions, but I think to have this since last Friday and still going on today it is more likely to be AF, albeit in a less aggresive manner than prior to my Ablation.


Hi I had my ablation on march the 5th I still get ectopics and flutterings but my nurse said its quiet normal to get them for a few months after so I wouldn't worry to much.☺


my nurse told me it was probably AF when I saw him on the 08th May.

Things settled down again Monday, took my 1.25 Bisoprolol Monday and last night plus some added intake of Magnesium.

Suppose i will never know until the monitor has been fitted and readings taken.

In the grand scheme of things and considering where I was pre ablation and now so glad the ablation was an option and I went with it, its just the initial thought of it not being a success leaves you a bit deflated.


Mick. Don't worry it is just one of those things!! At the end of November I was told by EP that he thought that in my case there was no chance ablation would work first time. Probably two or quite a possibility three. Had first on 30 Mar.


I only lasted under 72 hours in sinus and then was back in persistent AF (my AliveCor confirmed this on the day and every day since!!!).


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