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was just laying in bed watching tele when i heard a comotion outside....i got to the window juast as some young lads were walking past and one of them ran up the bonnet of my car and over the roof......without thinking i ran downstairs and about 100 yards after them at a sprint....caught one of them and gave him a shake.....

i got back in and my heartts racing(i expected it would be) however when i felt my pulse it was fast but regular....but every say 50 or so beats it would pause until the next one....nothing major but you could i back in af again??

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That doesn't sound like AF.

If it's regular I would think the pause you felt was a usual pause that comes after an ectopic beat.

Did your pulse come back down?

Of course it will be fast after worrying on top of the adrenalin involved and sprinting.

Did you buy yourself some magnesium?

If so, you might want to take another dose now. I keep a powdered form for times such as this.

(If you had an alivecor you could see what was happening and tell if you are beating fast but normal. For me that helps.)


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Thanks for replying, it didn't go down quickly however I think this may have been's back to around 68-70 now though and regular


I wouldn't be at all surprised if it was the adrenaline doing it, my goodness, what an experience! It sounds like ectopic beats to me - I used to get almost exactly that after a strong cup of coffee (much safer) :)


Well done juggsy, give em a shake for me as well, little blighters. Time to buy a soft-top maybe! Your ticker sounds pretty normal, to me anyhow. They did you a favour, tested if you stayed in NSR under physical and emotional stress :-) .


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Not AF at all. Ectopics which is quite normal. Now you just have to wait for the police to come and arrest YOU for assault!

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Your kidding aren't you Bob....Good ol boys in blue won't come out from they're speed camera vans for something so trivial as this....well they never bothered last night when my wife rang them anyway.......oh thanks all for the messages


You sound OK Juggsy! Spread some grease or engine oil over the car roof and sit back and see what happens next time they try that trick!


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