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Ectopic beats since ablation 12 months ago

after my ablation 12 months ago it has been an up and down ride ,being ok for a few days but then shattered and feeling rubbish for a few days. I could not work hard physically or have any alcohol and any stress at work or I felt rubbish, .The works nurse said I should try half days at work to see if anything would change! 3 weeks later And up to now I feel a lot better , very few ectopic beats and having tried alcohol and working harder physically I still feel ok! I don't feel stressed as much at work also which helps .

I saw my EP a few weeks ago and told him I had been having a rough time since the ablation and he said he could go in again and take a look in the next couple of weeks at what he had previously done,and that I might just need a quick burn of the links that may have rejoined to give the rogue ectopic beats. But I am not sure as to what to do now As I have been feeling well for so long now for a change !

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Well I am sure that you understand that ectopics are not AF and we all get them. Even people without AF do , up to 200 a day but since they are not so aware of their heart they seldom notice them In fact a leading EP once told me that they were a good sign in that it showed that the heart was trying to go into AF and failing. That said I too had loads for some time after my third and ultimately successful ablation and I do know how distressing they can be. Eventually after about 9 months they subsided although occasionally I notice a few clusters. No AF though even after seven years. I'm not sure why you went back to alcohol either if you found it upset you. I remember my doctor when I discussed this telling me to think of all the money I would save. lol

I guess the bottom line is that if your EP has detected AF on any ECGs they have done and feels that he can improve your quality of life it s a bit of a no brainer as they say.


I was told that alcohol is not just a trigger for AF in the short term after consuming the alcohol (this can be 24 hours later or more) but that it also helps encourage electrical signals and encourage paths to open up for the electrical signals to travel. I was told that they don't fully know why.

I have never drunk a lot of alcohol (below the government guidelines) and for many years indeed have not drunk enough to be drunk. In fact when I have been out with friends and also ex work colleagues (and not been drinking) they comment "but you never drunk a lot". It has become a stuck gramophone saying!!! It is just one of those things.

Everyone's lifestyle choice is their own but after my Consultant EP last November said no alcohol or very minimal I have only had one very small glass (sherry glass size) of champagne on New Year's eve. I though why chance making it worse (although I am in persistent AF). I still enjoy going out for a "drink" at the pub every other week or for a meal - juts don't have any alcohol.

Good luck.

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