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I was watching a live TV from the USA and during the commercials I saw an advertisement from a firm of Lawyers giving a warning about Xarelto and was directed to those who have suffered side effects, excessive bleeding etc - to contact them. I think this could be all a lot of ambulance chasing by the Lawyers - as side effects are well known and published. But I thought I would post this to see if others have heard of this activity in the USA and what your views may be. Best to discuss then to distrust.

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I tend to agree with you. If you watch US TV for long enough you will see lawyer adverts for class actions for nearly every drug ever marketed, depending upon the season and latest information.

That is not to say you could research it if you are concerned but do it thoroughly as there is risk in every medicine you take and lawyers, especially in US, are so very good at spotting a possible lucrative income through class actions, that is why they advertise as they rely upon high numbers as the individual recompense for the sufferer is usually small. I hate it as I am sure it is a significant cost that drug companies need to allow for when considering their pricing policy, then no-one wins and we all complain about those evil people who develop drugs just to get rich and not to help us live longer.

Every drug (and food supplement) has a risk and a benefit and we need to asses what risk we are willing to take and weigh it against the benefit - with our Doctor's advice of course! I am taking immune suppressants which have a long list of side effects, many very serious such as increased risk of cancers, especially skin cancers. I am hoping the benefits will outweigh the risks, no certainty though.

I don't think you can rely upon the views of others, although they may help you come to your own decision as to which drug may suit you best.


OK this has been going on for some time in USA. As you say this culture of ambulance chasing by lawyers is rife there and sadly spreading to UK and Europe. Whilst the risk of bleeding has been well known and is well documented it appears that during trials certain results were "adjusted" and not given adequate prominence leading to accusation of cover up I understand. A few patients who should probably never have been given anticoagulation subsequently died and band wagon jumping started. It is all about knowledge of risk I feel.


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Yes, if you watch TV here in America you can be frightened from taking any medication. Some medications are not meant for some individuals, and some individuals do not take their medication as directed. There can be unfortunate outcomes with any medication. My dad passed away after a bleed on warfarin, but warfarin is a lifesaver for many. Make choices with the health care provider who knows you best and take medication as directed when you need it.


Too many lawyers, not enough people to sue!?!


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