I can't believe how much I've learned here on this forum, about AF. During the past 4 years of experiencing AF, no doctors have ever sat and explained to me what my condition was...I only found out by my cardiologist making a vague reference to it during a routine visit. But all of you sufferers have been so helpful and sympathetic and I feel more able to cope now. A big thank you to all of you! :-D

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  • likewise, posted a few times now, if only I knew last year when first disagnosed what I know now, convinced my AF would not of got so out of control.

    I know some of the medical practitioners don't lke us quoting from the forums, but this one has been a blessing in disguise.

  • Absolutely agree. The knowledge and confidence which this forum has given me has meant that I was able to take control of my treatment and feel that I have got my life back as a result.

  • Ditto here, it's brilliant, it really is. I've had AF for 12+ years before finding this forum and I learned more in the first week than I did in those 12 years.

    If I wasn't tee-total and only here via the interwebthing, I'd raise a glass to thank everyone, especially the volunteers. Apart from anything else, the time spent typing out clear responses that are often life-changing is marvellous.

    Koll :-)

  • Certainly can't argue with these sentiments, I was in the same boat, and would certainly have saved a few A and E visits if only someone had taken a bit of time to explain my condition. Like most people I had never heard of AF or SVT and did not even know what the abbreviations stood for.

    I remember saying the day I discovered the AFA website, ( by accident), that it was like someone had turned on a light!

    Until I had a private consultation with an EP a couple of months ago, I had still not received any explanation of possible treatments and outcomes or a plan of action from the medics I came into contact with. Not doubting anyones capabilities, and I certainly appeared to have undergone all the tests, but felt like I was just parked in the corner and told to keep taking the pills.

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