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enlarged aorta

got the results yesterday from my ECG/echocardiogram.

The heart was functioning well but they found that my aorta was enlarged (4.3cm) and they operate at 5cm.

Put me on low dose of beta blockers and want to see me in a years time so he wasn't that worried.

However I am.

I do a lot of strenuous sport so maybe that's a factor in the enlargement.

I don't want to wait for a year and instead would rather see a specialist now and get very regular checkups.

Off topic slightly but does anyone know of a good cardiologist ideally in the of ENgland/London area.

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Hi curious and welcome

I regret I know very little about enlarged aortas, not something that many of us suffer from I think it's usually an enlarged left atria for us. But it terms of do we know any good cardiologists?

Lots I suspect, but you won't go far wrong if you can get referred to Harefield or Papworth both specialist heart hospitals. Or further north Liverpool, very large and active Cardiology department.

Be well



thanks BeanCounter appreciate the quick response.

I don't live far from Harefield so that would be a good choice.


Dr jonathan clague royal brompton karen


thanks barnes12 :-)


My husband had an abdominal aortic aneurysm though I presume yours is higher up. His was 7.5 cm when found and he survived so I don't think you need to worry too much yet. I believe methods of operating have improved enormously since he had his op!

As far as I remember the operation is a job for a vascular surgeon but maybe that only applies to abdominal aneurysms.

I understand you are worried but you are very lucky this has been picked up. Hope all goes well if you have the op later.


thanks Buffafly for the quick response.

Good news about your husband that it was spotted and successfully operated on.

I don't know where my enlargement is - should have asked but was in a bit of a shock as was expecting good news as cardiologist when she first checked me thought that the AF was due to a chest infection and having a hard weight training session.

But you're right it's good that was identified albeit worrying about how quickly it'll increase in size.

thanks again.


Interesting reading this post. I have had 4 catheter ablations in the last 8 months for persistent AF. I have an enlarged aorta that use to sit at 42mm. During the time of my ablations it increased to 49mm. Cardio says will operate at 55mm. Also says there is no relation between the ablations and the increased aortic size. My problem is now that they don't seem to be too concerned. I am still suffering from AF 2 to 3 times per week. I am too worried about exerting myself with these two problems. I was told to carry on normally and do the things you normally do. Impossible. Mowing lawns, lifting or anything physical sets off my AF and very concerned about the possibility of aortic aneurysm. Due to see cardio end of this month.


Hi Greg...

Must be worrying for you but I would assume that if the doctor says continue they must think there is a low risk of anything adverse happening.

I'm new to this but I thought an enlarged aorta is an aneurysm.

Hope everything gets sorted for you soon


Yes an aortic aneurysm is an enlarged aorta. I should have said I am worried about rupture of the aorta as mine is thoracic which is behind the heart and not abdominal.

Good luck with yours. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.




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