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Extra beats

I have read quite alot of times about ectopic beats my understanding is that these are are extra beats. I seem to experiecing this during the day. My pulse goes along about 55 which is good then a few about three is close concession. Wondering if I need my meds looking at again the last week seems to have been every day at some point. Had a difficult year and was hoping flec bisop and blood pressure meds would help keep symptoms at bay. Thoughts please.

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Ectopic actually means out of place rather than extra. What happens is that the ventricle contracts before it has filled with blood to pump so it feels like a missed beat rather than an extra one in most cases. People think of the saying "!my heart missed a beat" Ectopics are quite normal for everybody and harmless but we AFers tend to notice every little blip and become obsessed by our heart rates. What you describe could well be short bursts of tachycardia but why I couldn't say. Talk to your doctor if you are worried.



Bob thank you for replying that has made me feel better. I will chat to gp as I can honestly say I have beenso lucky up until thr llast week not to have any flutters triple beats etc. You are so right af peps seem to notice everything


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