Dental Fears with AF

Hello I wonder if anyone has any experience of having an abscessed tooth removed with AF. My dentist mentioned that bacteria from the infected tooth can get into the blood stream. I only had scrape and polish yesterday and my heart was out of sync. I cant take antibiotics due to other health issues and serious reactions...any experience of dental work with AF much appreciated. (I will remember to ask for the injection without adrenaline) thank you

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  • It is quite correct that tooth abscesses can get into the blood stream and affect the heart but this is unlikely to cause AF but a far more serious condition. This is very rare but you might like to discuss your fears with your doctor and dentist about having any extraction done in hospital if you are worried. I have never had a problem in the ten years I have had AF with several extractions. scrapes and fillings including root planing.


  • Thank you Bob, I am very frightened that this could happen and have made an appointment to talk to my doctor later today. I have M.E as well as A.F so it can get very complicated.

  • Please don't worry it really is VERY rare

  • Thank you Bob, you have put my mind at rest, you read so many things about dental work and the effect it can have on the heart...its very scary , I guess some bacteria will leach into the bloodstream but surely if its just one tooth/root it wont be too bad....i hope !

  • Good advice from Bob. I've too have had lots of dental procedures carried out, including root fillings and an extraction and have never had any problems.

    Please don't worry.


  • Thats good to know Jean thank you...i chatted with my doctor today and he is ok with me having the extraction done in the dentist and doesnt think there should be a problem although with me having ME he cant promise I wont react badly to the anasethetic (ME causes adverse reactions to drugs ). This is a worry !

  • I had a large molar with a small root abcess taken out in December. I had adrenaline-free injections, the socket was packed and stitched and all went well.

    Better rid of it - best wishes.

  • Thanks Finvola, sounds like it all went well you mind me asking did your dentist give you antibiotics for your infection/abscess ? This is my worry as I struggle to take them with my M.E/sensitivities so hoping I can do this procedure without. Someone said if there is infection they cant get you numb...that would be awful !

  • No antibiotics, ladywear and I had several injections which numbed the area completely. I suspect that the abscess was just starting as it was quite small on the x-ray. I have heard that anaesthetics can be less effective where there is infection and that the dentist can use a nerve block injection to numb the whole area. Hope all goes well and don't worry - it makes things worse. (That's from someone who could worry for Europe!)

  • Thanks Finvola that is very reassuring, its hard not to worry but i will try my very best ...i will mention the nerve block, the dentist did say with me having infection/abscess she will have to use more numbing injection....fingers crossed all goes well..many thanks x

  • Hi Finvola...I had extraction today. I could see a largish abscess on the xray. How soon after your extraction did your abscess settle down or come away. I am so disappointed I expected after having the extraction today the abscess would have gone but its just the same ? thank you for any further advice

  • Ladywear - it's out and things can only get better from here. I checked my diary and I took co-codamol for the first few days then paracetamol for a couple more until my stitches came out. My main problem was that I sucked the socket when I was asleep - that caused pain!

    After the first 24 hours I gently rinsed with salt water and took the pain killers when I needed them. The abscess should drain quickly now that the tooth is out and healing can begin.

    Hope all goes well - give yourself a few days for things to settle down.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you for your reply. I do hope the abscess will wasnt attached to a tooth, it was a bit of old root that got left behind that caused the abscess...i dont know how abscesses drain naturally ..i always thought the dentist had to drain them...she never touched the abscess. I hope things do improve quickly. Your procedure sounded to go very well...apart from a few minor problems..thats really great ! thank you once again for the advice I do appreciate your time x

  • When I had a tooth implant done this year the doctor gave me an antibiotic drink. I had to hold it in my mouth for a while and then swallow it.x

  • Oh I have never heard of that, much less invasive than full blown antibiotics...thank you I will mention this to my dentist.

  • I had a wisdom tooth removed two weeks ago and was advised there was a infection at the base of the roots. I went to hospital as my dentist wouldn't do the extraction because I was on Rivaroxaban. No complications at all, no pain, just a bit of oozing from the tooth bed on day one, so I rested quietly. The gum has healed. I didn't have antibiotics as the dentist said she didn't feel they were necessary.

    I would talk over any concerns before you have your dental work. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thankyou Bryonny and I am very pleased things went ok for you. Fingers crossed same for me !

  • I had an infected wisdom tooth removed beginning of January. I had adrenaline free injections which completely numbed the area and no antibiotics afterwards. I was very nervous that there may have been a complication as 2 weeks later I had my ablation. Everything was fine and I was so pleased to have got rid of the tooth. Take care :)

  • I must be the biggest coward when it comes to the dentist! Very bad childhood memories! I told my dentist I have AF and he was lovely and had me sitting for ROOT CANAL treatment.....and not just once TWICE! Yes, I could feel the stress affecting the AF but kept breathing and concentrating on the map on the ceiling of the room!! I made it through and if I can then ANYONE can!! Stay well!

    Blue :-)

  • I am having an tooth out in preparation for an implant...what about warfarin...and with recent dental work I have had the normal pain killing injection...never thought to ask for anything else....should I....

  • Just had root canal. However did lots of research as fearful. Took medication and asked dentist to give me the non adrenalin injection. He was brilliant and no affect back on tuesday so fingers crossed x good luck

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