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Two Lessons learned!

Lesson One, do not casually pop in a handful of meds, especially if including Rivaroxaban! Our sofa is purple, and a few days ago I noticed a matching Rivaroxaban tablet on my favourite spot. I was about to take it when it occurred to me that as I had been out all day I might have dropped it the day before now very carefully taking Rivaroxaban tab on its own.

Lesson two, be very careful how you pick up a Magimix grating grated fingertip at least proved Rivaroxaban is working!

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I found one of my cats playing with a Q10 capsule the other day. Easy to do. Once cut the tip off a finger chopping mint for mint sauce., Worst bit was having to waste all the mint 'cos we couldn't find the bit. OUCH. Alginate dressing to the fore.


At least the vinegar was not mixed with it. Now that would have been sore


Did same thing with a spiral grater. aieeee

after that incident I purchased "hemp-stop" band aids and keep at home and in my wallet. Of course now that I have them, I've never needed them!


My poor finger got no exotic dressings - blue chef's plaster had to do!


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