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Lesson learned - I hope

My usual regime is to take all my meds in the morning: Levothyroxine before breakfast, Rivaroxaban, Bisoprolol and Digoxin straight after. On Sundays our routine is different and not for the first time, I forgot yesterday.

During the course of the day, I heard some bad news about a relative. I did no exercise, was stuck in the house and had a very large meal in the early evening. By about 7 pm, my heart was banging away. My pulse was 80-90 bpm and erratic - not excessive but much higher than the usual 60-65. It was only then that I remembered the missed meds, which I took around 7.30 pm. It took about 3 hours for them to take effect.

All's well this morning after a good night's sleep. I am now wondering whether to ease myself back to the usual drugs regime over the next few days or stick with the evening dosage. Levothyroxine does need to be taken on an empty stomach and it is very convenient to get all the pills over and done with at the beginning of the day.

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As you say a lesson learned. I always take my party bag before dinner in the evenings but that can be difficult if we go out for the day and dinner is late. As my boy would say it is six and two threes. GLad there is no lasting problem.



My husband, bless him, brings me my meds and orange juice every morning before I get up - usually before I am awake actually - so the first thing I do is take them then. I have another lot in the evening and once again one of us always remembers - not always me!!!!


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