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Conquer your A-fib by Lisa M. White

I have just finished reading this e-book (from Amazon). I found it very interesting and informative and feel it would be particularly helpful to anyone seeking more information on the subject and in helping each individual's quest to control the condition. It seems that the author has no medical training, it is just her own experience and research and is a very easy read.

I don't usually recommend books but if this only helps one person overcome a bit of the stress and worry a-fib can bring, then it is worth it.

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I've download it to my kindle for £3. Looks like it's well written and not sure when I'll get the chance to read it but read it I will. Everyone's experience with AF is different and interesting.

Thanks for recommending it.



Thanks. Much appreciated.


Ta read yesterday. Covers all the things discuss on this forum.


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