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Ablation post 3 months

Well this is disappointing, after going sort of ok, I ended up in hospital with an episode of AF. Ablation part 2 on the way apparently part 1 did not work. What bugs me is I saw the Professor 2 weeks ago and he has now retired which means I have to get to know the new EP. Bugger comes to mind, but not loss of hope.

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keep going Sophie I think it is common to need 2. I am going into my first with that very much in mind. Good luck.x


I'm not sure I would go for a second quiet now as it could still settle down. I had a year between each of mine and it took about 8 months for everything to settle after the third.

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I think they are looking at the 6 month mark, all has not been well after initially thinking it was the ants pants. If you asked me I would decline because of the trauma I felt, but after voicing those concerns to the EP he said that the 2nd time around is no where near as bad as the first. And I really hate the Tachycardia as well, buggered if I do and buggered if I don't


Hi Soozie, I remember we had them roughly the same time mine was 13

weeks last Monday and I was so thrilled at first but then the signs appear.

My EP says he wants to tidy up ' loose ends' at that time I was very undecided

but as time has gone on things have deteriorated and I realise he was right.

How unfortunate having to find a new EP that really is a b...... but dont get

down hearted sometimes these things turn out for the best.

Good luck Shirley.


I agree with shirlygirly about things turning out well. My first ablation was at Wythenshawe and I was impressed and just a bit miffed second time when I was referred to Blackpool. I would not go quite as far as to say that I prefer my new EP, as I was happy with the first, but he can do anything he wants with my heart as far as I'm concerned - delighted to have been switched.

Sorry though, soozie, that things are messing you about. All the best!


Hi soozie12, I would agree with Bob. Things may well settle down. I'm 2wks post my 2nd ablation and that's two and a half years after my first! I suffered a period of AF about 4 months after the 1st one only for it all to settle down. I'd arranged another visit to my EP with the view I'd need another ablation. As soon as I'd done that everything settled down so I cancelled. You may find that the wait for your second ablation allows everything to settle, here's hoping. All the best for the future.



Thanks guys, I am a lot more laid back these days and do not allow the AF to distress me, just go to hospital for the meds if needed (I had been taken off all heart meds post ablation). I live in the country and things move a tad slower then the city and the doctors as you know take a long time to get into see, so 12 months from here is not inconceivable.

I think though if we voice our concerns it may help others that are timid in asking.

Thank you all.


Ok my learned friends from UK riddle me this batman, AF is jumping in and out since my hospitalisation on Thursday, am back on beta blockers, but was hoping for some sound advice, or a good thrashing depending on how you see my problem. The ablation appeared to work for the whole of 24 hours and then went downhill from there. I am 3 months out and yes I know BobD you said it could take 12 months to settle, but I am feeling very disheartened at the moment, I cannot work in the garden and I feel like the chest pain is akin to the ablation but the palpitations although not as fast as pre ab, they are heavier in "feeling". I know some of you blokes are not good at feelings but this is a physical problem not a female mental problem. The SR is out and up around 170, erratic, and fair near pounding out of my chest. Now I don't want to scare any newbies, but this is actually worse then before I had the ablation. Am I nuts or not. I have been told to go back to see the Professor in Westmead Sydney, but I truly am worried about another procedure.


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