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The waiting is over!

I have finally been given a date for my ablation at the university hospital of Wales with Dr Peter O Callaghan. I have taken a cancellation so it is on 11th February (very soon). I am going to spend the night before and the night after the procedure in hospital.

Like everyone else I am terrified but also glad it is finally being done.

I am avidly 're reading all your reassuring posts to others on this topic and that is helping with my nerves. Stupidly I think I think I am more worried about the TOE than the ablation.

I think my posts may get more hysterical as I get closer!

Don't know what I would do without this forum. You all feel like family. X

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Great news there and please don't worry. You will be fine. As a devout coward I would never have done anything dodgy or risky. Just make sure you rest plenty afterwards and have somebody to pamper you.


Thanks Bob. When I need reassuring I read all your posts. X

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Hi dedeottie, as I'm sure you've read before I've had two, although second time they didn't do any actual ablating which was unusual I believe. First time they did a lot of ablating. Anyhow, both were a breeze, and I mean that, not being macho or trying to make you calm, that's how they were. One was under sedation (which was fascinating) and one under GA. I had a bit of pain when they started ablating the first time, I groaned, and they knocked me out straight away, next thing I woke up in bed. Had to be a bit careful afterwards but that's all.

I really wouldn't be bothered which I had for a third, which will come one day hopefully. Drugs are working but I hate drugs and what they might be doing we don't know about. Still on Warfarin though all the time.

All the best :-)



Thanks Kill (sorry , tablet won't do your name) I believe you I really do . In theory anyway! Anyway it needs doing so that is that. I have been told I will have to stay on warfarin for life but I really don't mind and when I think of all the fuss I made when I first started taking it I feel ridiculous .

It will all be over soon and at least I having got ages to worry about it. X


Good luck! Mine is on the 4th so i will likely be back to tell you we were both worrying about nothing :)


Same to you. I look forward to hearing from you. X


Do we really stay on warfarin long term after an ablation, that is a new one on me


I think it depends on your age and stroke risk. Although I am relatively young at 58 I had 3 T.I.A.s before going on warfarin and that gives me a score of 3 on the C.H.A.D.S. scoring chart .One for being female and 2 for the previous T . I. A.s. I think it is something to discuss with individual E.P.s. x


Wonderful news, are you having sedation or a GA?


Sedation. G.A. wasn't offered.


Keep us all informed dedeottie. I have mine on the 23rd Feb, so will be awaiting your report :)


Will do. There are quite a few of us having it done in February.x


Will you definitely have a TOE? I didn't have one when I had my ablation.

Don't forget the lip salve and the sports drinking bottle.

Good luck.


Yes I have to have a toe because of previous t.I.a.s. Thanks for your good wishes. Lip salve and sports bottle and attention to detail in nether regions all organised. Any other suggestions welcome.x



Paper knickers


Something amusing to read

Something to occupy the mind or to listen to

A few bendy straws, some cut short - sports bottle may run out

Something to write with and paper

Bag / container to hold all the things you might want to have to hand when you are immobile

Snazzy non slip slippers to wear on the way to and in the cath lab. With luck you may still have both on (and cosy toes) when you surface.

Ear plugs

That's all that springs to mind for now!

So glad you are nearly there at last. It is a bold step but I am so glad I took it and would do so again if need be.


Good news and good luck.

I too have just been given my date of the 17th February which has one round quick probably being that I am on a clinical trial program.

However got my head around the ablation, I am even more confused now.

I have been selected for the thermocool catheter, however when I asked my EP today if he would be using the latest smart touch device to my amazement he said no that he would be using the one preceding it (older device) and also agreed that it was probably not as efficient to the smart touch

The smart touch is available for use in the UK but no under the trial as funded by an American sponsor.

I presumed when agreeing to the trial latest technology woul be used, however not the case, which is making me think should I now abandon this trial and wait my NHS slot.

may head is battered about which way to go now, seeing my EP again Monday next week.


That's interesting l was on the SMART touch trial at Liverpool I had not heard anyone mention it on here either before or after my Ablation...

Best wishes to both yourself and Dedeotte.....Carol



So did your EP use the smart touch catheter for your ablation as mine is a NOT which is why I to totally confused now what to do.


The PAF was Ablated successfully as part of the SMART touch Study trial at Liverpool Heart Chest and Lung Hospital.

Dr.Gupta and Dr.Das performed the procedure...

How about calling the Hospital at Liverpool for advise..

Dr.Guptas Secretary....0151 600 1251

It seems strange they are not offering you the latest technology...

Just make some more enquiries before you decide what to do....You want to feel secure in the knowledge that you are having the "best"



Carol thankyou for clarifying as such.

Yes I am going to discuss further with my EP.

Something does not seem right here, volunteering for a clinical trial and hospital are using old technology.

Are you able to recall the name of the trail and when it occurred, sorry for all the questions, but I want to have as much info available to me when I next see my EP.


Yes it was the SMART touch study trial....Determining how much pressure to use when burning ....Prior to the Ablation l had a CT scan to provide an accurate mapping of the heart ....

Let me know what your findings are....



Thanks carol, seems that Liverpool is ahead of Newcastle in its research program.

I will let you know of the outcome, but for sure I will be opting out, bloody annoyed it took my own research to arrive at such findings.

Will no doubt be back on the ever extending NHS waiting list.

Thanks again carol


Oh no, how annoying and distressing for you. We have enough on our plates without this extra hassle. Hope you get the information you need x


Hi dedeottie. Firstly good luck with the ablation. Secondly, my two ablations where carried out with morphene for company 16mg for the first and 14mg last Friday for the second and another sedative? I wish you a pain free ablation and take it easy after, very easy.

Best wishes Paul


At least you won't have too long to wait and worry. I had my ablation last week and once you are in the hospital it really isn't as bad as the waiting. Are you having a GA or sedation? I would be happy having another ablation if needed and I was pretty apprehensive and scared. If there is anything you need to know please just feel free to ask, although I think most questions have already been covered on this fabulous site. I would say that I didn't realise how much it takes out of you afterwards so make sure you plan lots of rest and get the DVD's in to watch. Take care and try not to worry too much.

Bella :)


That is really good news you have been waiting such a long time...

Good tips from Jennydog and Rellim just one more don't forget mobile phone charger...Cx


Thanks all for your good wishes and tried and tested helpful hints. I will start packing immediately ! X


Take your tablet with you and stream your ablation live on the internet! Seriously, good luck, best wishes and keep us all informed.


Thank you. I'm wondering if I will be able to watch some of it on the screens......not all sure I want to !


Hi Dedodottie


Hi there. By your name I guess you are from Wales. I am in south Wales on the coast.what about you?


Hi Dedeotte - I think we are all family on this forum - the AF family! What a lovely one it is too. Hope your ablation goes well.

Jean X


Thank you xx


Wonderful news. You are on your way.... ablations are much less disturbing than AF! The hardest part will be staying calm during the weeks to come, ablation day will be over before you know it! And we will all "be there" with you. :-)


Thanks for those lovely words Iris.x


I had my ablation with Dr O'callaghan and his team...really friendly and supportive Rachel the arrythmia nurse is one of the nicest people you could meet. Dr O'callaghan doesn't do GA he prefers sedation he likes the body to be in full working order and as he put it all your bits working naturally, to be honest I could do with a couple of pints of whatever they gave me the only downside was I got the sodding hangover and had to have a couple of headache tables...nothing new there.

Seriously don't lose sleep worrying the team at Cardiff will put you at ease.... the only thing that you need to be concerned about is the cath lab is bloody freezing mainly due them having to keep all the high tech equipment cool.


Hi. That is so good to hear and just what I needed so thank you. I have already met Rachel and you are right she is really lovely so now it is countdown time.

How long was it before you began to feel normal( whatever that is)?

Was your ablation successful? Dr O Callaghan has been very honest with me and says that a lot of people have to have a second one to tidy up the gaps so I won't be disappointed if that happens. Once again thanks.x


Hope it all goes well how did you find Dr OCallaghan I am due to see him next month.


So far I am impressed. He is very precise and easy to understand. He answered all my questions in detail no matter how daft they were . He is also very honest. Good luck and I hope you get some answers. X


Thank you will be thinking of you on the 11th just think AF free just in time for spring/summer.


Jane, at long last you have your date. I'm sure the long wait has contributed to your anxiety. I DO understand your fears over the TOE. I too feared this more than the ablation. I can just reiterate what has been said before.....it really is not as bad as it sounds.

Hope the hypnotherapy helps to put you in a more relaxed frame of mind. Look forward to hearing how you get on both with your hypnotherapy and ablation.

Best wishes. Sandra


Thanks Sandra. I will report back on both. If the hypnotherapy works I've got a few more issues it might work for too!! X


I could think of a couple of issues it could help me with too! Lol ! Daughter is attending ' hypnobirth ' classes at present and is quite impressed. Time will tell!! ( first grandchild...so exciting! ). Sandra


My first grandchild is now 8 months. It is a truly magical time. I wasn't prepared for how emotional I felt. My daughter in law did the homebirth classes and said they really helped. It was her who recommended it to me. She is a doctor and is usually cynical about these things. X


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