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Tikosyn it is!!!

Well, visited an E.P. for a second opinion whether I should go on Tikosyn or not. As of late, I've been feeling fine with almost no episodes of AFIB. I still have an erratic heart beat but nothing like my AFIB attacks. My mind starts to play games with me saying"you know it's not really that bad". I told the EP that I thought that the treatment for me should be either do nothing or Tikosyn. He said something to me that I won't ever forget. He said. You can do nothing and the AFIB may be quiet for awhile but eventually you will get worse and that's the facts. If you treat it now the quality of your life will be sustainable for a longer period of time. It's not that I wont get worse but it will take longer(hopefully) till I get to that point. No brainer. I'm scheduled to go in at the end of the month. I feel more comfortable with this decision

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I have been on Tykosin for almost a year and it has been a godsend. I also take a low dose of Diltiazem. When I was put on Tykosin I had a severe mitral valve leakage, but because of my age (I was 81 at the time) and three former ablations, I was considered high risk for the surgery. Imagine my surprise when after being on T for a few months my mitral valve has begun to heal itself (because of the more regular heart rhythm.) A resting echo cardiogram and an echo while exercising have recently both been normal. I wish you the best of luck on the new med. Incidentally, I have had no noticeable side effects with this one, and I’ve been on so many different remedies I’ve lost count.

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I started on Tikosyn a few weeks ago.

I converted after the second dose in the hospital, and continue in NSR feeling pretty good, except for just a slight touch of what feels like acid reflux when I'm bending over in the garden or sometimes in the middle of the night, which I've never experienced before.

From what I've found on the web, the good effects (NSR) can last months or even years, if you're lucky.

I haven't been lucky at all with the 3 previous antiarrhythmics, two of which (Flec & propafenone) sent me to the emergency room.

I am 66 and the only other drug I take (besides numerous supplements) is Xarelto.

So I am very, very curious about how other folks have fared long term.

I live in the SE U.S.A.

Thanks in advance for responding


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