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7 Months post ablation and wearing a monitor again

Just a quick update

I had an ablation in June and since a couple of AF episodes in the immediate two weeks after the procedure have to my knowledge been free of any episodes of AF

However, I am still getting skipped ectopic beats which do not concern me much but also and of more concern short episodes of "palpitations" which are generally an ectopic two or three normal beats another ectopic perhaps a dozen normal then more ectopics. These last usually a matter of minutes maybe so far 30 minutes max.

Its hard to say this is irregular and it is at normal resting speed of 70 - 70 bpm approx.

This morning had a scheduled EP consultation. He felt pretty sure these are groups of ectopics and not AF but I am not so certain, especially as the AF episodes prior to the ablation were als coming in short "bursts"

He said, as others have on here, that everyone gets ectopics up to hundreds in a day but most people don't notice them. We become very attuned to every little thing and this leads in itself more symptoms - a vicious circle.

In order to identify if there is anything amiss or alternatively re assure me he was able to arrange for a weeks event monitor there and then - very impressive by the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital - with no waiting or return visits involved to get "wired up", so i will see what the next week records - if anything!

If AF is detected he suggested a "top up" ablation which would not be a problem.

Best wishes to all


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All sounds very efficient. Good luck with the monitor.



It sounds as though you are being well cared for please take comfort in that. You are with an excellent health care provider. I hope the monitor shows that things are ok. Be well.



Following my successfull Ablation at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital last August I am scheduled for a 7 day day heart monitor prior to my 6 month review in March...Yes we have the best there !!!!

Good luck,



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