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After my enquiry regarding a consultation at the Harefield Hospital, (picked the hospital because of it's impressive list of consultants and the location being the right side of London for me traveling up from Somerset), I was aimed at Dr Wajid Hussain, after a chat with the reception enquiry desk, and an appointment arranged for next Tuesday.

Would be grateful to hear from anyone who has had any dealings with Dr Hussain or the Harefield in general.

I have to say I feel better already, after waiting nearly four weeks since my gp told me he was writing to my cardiologist to review my ongoing treatment and still not heard anything, and being able to arrange this appointment with one phone call yesterday afternoon and confirmation email before "tea time".

Hope your all having a trouble free weekend,


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  • Hi Ray

    Despite it's external appearance, inside is not only some very advanced technology including some of the best cath labs in the UK, but also as you say some of the most impressive list of top EPs in the country.

    In fact I think I am right in saying they also do more AF ablations than any other hospital in the UK.

    I have nothing but praise for the doctors and staff at Harefield, and Wajid is also my EP and he's impressive.

    I always remember my CV when literally on the trolley just prior to going under I said to the doctor remind me again what is the worst possible outcome? He replied you could have a heart attack, and can you think of a better place to have one than the Surgical ante-room of a specialist heart hospital?

    In fact the only downside of being under Harefield is that I sometimes feel like a fake with people with quadruple by-pass surgery and even heart transplants (one every two weeks on average) being treated in the same hospital.

    I think you will be impressed.

    Be well


  • Hi there Ian,

    Thanks for that, cheering up my weekend even more.....

    How was the trip by the way??


  • Hi Ray

    The trip was amazing, just not sure what day or time it is having arrived back last night after 38 hours of travelling door to door, but Vietnam is very beautiful and the food was fantastic, so some 3 kgs lighter (always happens more exercise and healthier food) and I am certainly ready for whatever this year throws at me.


  • Hi Ray - I had an ablation mid December at Harefield. I like you had great worries about the procedure and getting to understand what it all meant and where to go, as I had experienced long delays and inadequate treatment elsewhere in the system. Harefield was one of the hospitals that was recommended to me and for me it was a very good decision. I have seen different Doctors to you at Harefield, but the treatment I have received has renewed my faith in going into hospital and more importantly to come out. Wishing you well Ray.


  • Thanks mate,

    appreciate your reply.


  • Hi Ray, did you just contact the hospital direct or did you have to get referred. Just the way I read your post, it's as though you got fed up with waiting for your GP so booked something yourself, or have I got it wrong? Just interested.


  • Hi koll,

    Yep, you read that right.... fed up being the diplomatic way of describing how I feel.

    After first approaching my GP about going for a private consultation, he talked me into waiting until my original cardiologist was contacted to review my treatment. That was almost four weeks ago, and I am still waiting. Yesterday I phoned the surgery to ask for a quick chat (phone back) from my GP but was informed first appointment available was next Tuesday ( other Docs were available though.)

    So I thought.......fill in your own expression.....and went ahead and phoned the hospital direct,

    all was arranged in a couple of hours. I will inform the surgery when they reopen on Monday.

    I must say here that I am not doubting anyones ability etc, it's just the bloody system!


  • I went private as well Ray for the same reason, but, unlike you, I waited far too long before making that decision and regret it. I lost too much condition before I got any meaningful treatment. I asked for a referral from my GP, which I got, direct to the EP of my choice, and not local. Interesting that you went direct with no referral.

    Good luck with your consultation.


  • Ray, My EP is Wajid Hussain at Harefield too.

    I had previously been investigated for 'palpitations' by a cardiologist at Harefield so all my notes were there, then two and a half years ago I suddenly had a scary PAF episode. Being very worried at the time and with the prospect of a >2 month wait to see an EP, I rang Harefield and booked myself a private patient appointment with Dr Hussain.

    After that first private appointment and subsequent tests, I then became one of his NHS patients.

    I have been back to see him again privately too (by ringing his secretary) and he spent 45 minutes with me on my last appointment.

    I like him. He is in favour of me using an Alivecor monitor and appreciates the printouts I take in.

    I'm not down for an ablation yet as at the moment I'm mostly in NSR without meds.

    Good Luck with your appointment.


  • Well Pat, I seem to have picked the right one.

    Thanks for another reply... after I had made my enquiry before Christmas, one of the replies being from you, and I worked out that Harefield seemed the best bet for me for the reasons I posted earlier. Coincidence I ended up with the same EP as you and Ian.

    Certainly cheered myself up, almost feel " cured " that's tempting fate a????

    All the best


  • Ray, knowing that the right people will be looking out for you now is a big relief.

    A tonic in itself. ; )


  • hi . sorry to ask this but how much does a private consult cost ?

  • I think it may vary a bit around the country, but it seems £200 is the general figure, plus any tests they may want. If you look up the consultant or hospital you are interested in, you will be able to get a quote before you book.

  • ok thanks

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