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Got me covered?

Many years ago I had a Gold Plectrum on a neck chain that showed I had a heart condition and was on Warfarin. Just in case I was involved in an accident or collapsed etc. However when I lost my job as my health was impacting on work and vice versa. Problems with the DWP and Tax man and council all after I had no income. Things got a little desperate to say the least. Gold was showing good prices so had to go.

Things are now a little better sold the house and moved to a lot smaller house but no mortgage so at least we will have a roof over our heads.

I have a emergency container with all my information in the house that the Lions supply with a sticker to make the emergency services aware if they have to go to the house. My car has a tax disk emergency information so got the car covered courtesy Malvern Police.

I only go out alone if I have the car but do not have me covered so we decided to get a medi-bracelet!

Well, where do you start there are rubber bands with one condition on? Which is great if you have one or two conditions? There are the USB memory versions but I wreck electric gizmos? The locket ones that means you have to employ a person that can write the works of Shakespeare on a grain of rice as the space to put them on is so small?

With it being a WE decision design was a factor according to my wife? So trawling though a 101 sites WE decided on a titanium bracelet that was pleasant to look at and functional. Then it came down to what to put on it. I have 3 lines on the front and 3 lines on the back which will be lasered on. With different lung and heart conditions and an Iodine allergy plus some ancillary ailments which one do I put on as a priority as my name will take one line? List ready go to the order and type in the ailments but then find there is a limit on the amount of letters I can have! do I put PH on the front and hope they know what I mean or put Pulmonary Hypertension on the back? The front has the medi alert symbol so reducing the letter space available. After a bit of faffing about on what might be the best alerts all done and order placed. Well 5 days and it arrived with all the right things in the right place and now I am covered as well!

Or am I? ;)

Be Well

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