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Without Flecainide on holidays

Currently taking 100mg Fecainide and 120mg Dilzem per day. But I am on holiday and will be running out of stock soon. My return will be delayed because of a family bereavement. I'm wondering about the need and supply of this medication.

Let me explain that i had an ablation in November and have been in NSR ever since (having suffered from 4-5 episodes of PAF per year before the intervention). I think I could get the medication I am taking without problems, but it would be at considerable cost.

However, the day after ablation the cardiologist suggested I continue with Flecainidie and Dilazem until the post-surgery consultation in February.

He did not reckon I was a patient with special risks, he said I would be fine going back to my cycling activities (which are quite demanding and have not had a negative impact whatsoever). He said "get on your racing bike but wait one week -- this is part of the experiment". (I am wondering if I am in a hidden control group for a clinical trial).

I would be grateful for your thoughts!

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If you are not able to get the drugs (maybe abroad ?) why not ration your current stock by either cutting in half or taking them every other day. Not ideal but better than a sudden stop. In future always take extra on holidays against such eventuality and not just you anybody else who reads this. I haven't taken my drugs for years since my ablation but still make sure I take a supply if I go away. just in case.



First ask your doctor!!!!!

Then I agree with Bob, we are put on the flecainide post ablation to insure the heart will have less re-activity to the irritation of the ablation, giving it more time to scar appropriately without any episodes of AF. All that said, your heart might not require such, it is just insurance. I only take it on a pill in the pocket basis. If you do stop, I would slowly diminish...not stop all together. Reduce perhaps the mgs but not the frequency. Hard breaking up those pills into quarters!

I am sorry about your loss, this certainly won't make it easier. I hope you have an uneventful (AF) trip otherwise


Totally agree with Bobs comment. I am on flecainide (daily) and whenever I travel be it home or abroad I always put a supply in suitcase plus a week and also a supply in handbag/hand luggage plus a week. It sounds a lot but should I become separated from one I know I am covered with my medication still and also have extra should I be delayed on my return. I take it you are abroad or not covered for cost of medication, but if you don't want to try and eek out what you have then I would pay whatever the cost. Please though only buy through a doctor or at a dispensing pharmacy and not on the Internet. Flecainide is prescription only, at least it is in the UK and I would only ever get it through a doctor.

I wish you well and hope your post operative consultation is a good one.


Found a solution yet?


Thanks for all your comments. As the cardio is away I have spoken to his secretary who basically said I should go with my feeling as to whether I should purchase medication abroad. There is no way the NHS can prompt a foreign pharmacy to issue the drugs. However, the local pharmacy did not have a problem and I was able to buy a pack of Flecainide. Decided to give it a miss on the Dilatizem as Flecainide seems to be the more potent drug.


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